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Looking for Up-to-Date Lighting Industry Stats?

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March 7, 2022

No one likes to be “in the dark” when it comes to keeping abreast of how everyone else is doing in the lighting industry.

One of the most effective tools for gathering that value-rich information is the quarterly Pulse of the Lighting Industry report. Here, the old GIGO rule applies: A report is only as valuable as the quality insights that go into it — which is why Channel Marketing Group (CMG) needs your input as a lighting professional.

Q1 2022 is nothing like Q1 2021. There are new challenges (general inflation and now unprecedented gas prices) as well as previous ones (supply chain issues and labor shortages). These changes are why relying on old data isn’t as useful for doing business today.

How do you receive this up-to-the-minute lighting industry report for free? It’s simple. This quick survey takes less than five minutes to fill out (all input is confidential and contact information is only required so that you can receive a copy of the report) and by doing so, you automatically receive the complete report for free.

The Pulse of the Industry Q1 is not just a compilation of thoughts from your peers; it also contains in-depth analysis from the industry experts at CMG. The more participants in the Pulse of the Industry survey, the more accurate the results will reflect the true state of the lighting marketplace. Fill out the survey here

The complete survey will arrive in your inbox within a few weeks.

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