Illuminating Heritage: Sonepar’s Sustainable Transformtion of the Captivating Santa Teresa y San José Church in Madrid

December 20, 2023

Sonepar in Spain is currently involved in a significant project in the heart of Madrid – the lighting renovation of Santa Teresa y San José Church located in the city’s Plaza España. This 20th-century church, designed by architect Jesús Carrasco Muñoz, holds the status of ‘Asset of Cultural Interest’.

The Plaza España area has seen landscaping and urban planning changes in recent years, becoming a cultural hub through city council-promoted events. The church’s renovation reflects the evolving character of its surroundings.

Led by project leaders Carolina Corral and Nestor Díez Solera, their design proposition for the project revolved around three key principles: indirect lighting, general lighting, and accent lighting. Indirect lighting uses projectors and linear luminaires to highlight architectural elements, emphasizing the spatial dimensions of the church. General lighting is focused on practical areas such as the central nave, including benches and reading areas around the altar. Accent lighting aims to emphasize specific features like carvings, the dome, and paintings.

The use of top-tier luminaires, selected by Sonepar, with high color reproduction and versatile optics is a practical choice, allowing for precise lighting control while minimizing energy consumption.

Beyond the aesthetic considerations, the lighting renovation also prioritizes energy efficiency, aligning with the city’s energy-saving goals. Switching to LED technology reduces energy consumption by 60% and lowers maintenance needs. Additionally, a wireless control system using Bluetooth addresses architectural challenges and adapts dynamically to the church’s usage, resulting in an 80% increase in energy savings.

Nestor Díez Solera, Lighting Project Manager at Sonepar in Spain stated, “Through the illumination of the Santa Teresa y San José Church, we are not only illuminating history; we are harmonizing the past with the present, contributing to preserving a brighter and more energy-efficient tomorrow for both the church and the city.”

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