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Research Highlights Opportunity in Smart Device Sales

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SmartDevices 400x275May 17, 2022

Electrical distributors and lighting showrooms that offer smart home devices need to emphasize their expertise in installation not only as a revenue stream, but also to create the type of customer service that engenders loyalty.

According to recent research conducted by Parks Associates, among U.S. internet households with smart home devices, nearly 20 percent returned a device because it didn’t work as advertised, and 14 percent returned their smart home device because they had difficulty with the physical installation. Ultimately, 24 percent hired a professional to install the smart home device.

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In addition, Parks Associates’ research indicates home buyers made 36 percent of their smart home device purchases through a retailer – either an online or brick-and-mortar store – while 11 percent of smart home products were purchased through an internet service provider, 7 percent were through a utility/electricity provider, and 6 percent were through an insurance provider.

“Smart home buyers have many options in the acquisition of devices,” said Elizabeth Parks, President and CMO of Parks Associates. “In the MDU space, more and more residents can select apartments that have smart home solutions pre-installed. The diversity of choice has given resilience to the smart home market, which continues to slowly move closer to mass-market adoption.”

Single-family as well as multi-family (MDU) builders are actively seeking partners in smart home device sales and installation to bring added value to their properties. Electrical distributors and lighting showrooms that work with contractors, builders, and property managers, can maximize this opportunity to become a reliable resource for this growing sector of the industry.

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