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High-End Lighting Underground with LEDVANCE

September 19, 2023

High-End Lighting Underground with LEDVANCE
LEDVANCE designs and implements a LED Strip System for the underground bicycle parking garage, IJboulevard, in Amsterdam, combining innovative design, efficiency, and user orientation.

Bicycle Parking
IJ Boulevard, Amsterdam

Project info
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2023
  • Customer: Municipality of Amsterdam
  • Project: Development of a sustainable and modern lighting concept
  • Application: Sports Lighting
  • Technology: LED
  • Service:  Customized lighting 
Project benefits at a glance
  • Enhanced Aesthetics: The LED strips seamlessly blend with the bicycle garage’s design, providing visually appealing lighting that harmonizes with the architecture.
  • Efficient Lighting Control: The connected LED strips enable a customizable light management system, allowing for dimming and brightness adjustments to meet specific lighting needs and create the desired ambiance.
  • Sustainable and Cost-Effective: The energy-efficient LED strips reduce power consumption and costs, while their long lifespan minimizes maintenance and replacement expenses, making them a sustainable and cost-effective lighting solution for the underground bicycle garage.

The Challenge

To address the need for additional bicycle parking in Amsterdam, a large underground garage was constructed beneath the IJ Canal, providing space for 4,000 bicycles. The parking facility required an innovative lighting solution that seamlessly blended with the architectural design, prioritized energy efficiency, advanced technology, and ensured user safety and comfort.

The Solution

LEDVANCE was given the project because of their products, design, and expertise. They developed and implemented a comprehensive lighting concept using over 260 flexible 5-meter LEDVANCE IP67 LED strips. The concept focused on creating an attractive, individually controllable, and energy-efficient lighting pattern that met the specific on-site requirements.

The Benefits

The LED strips used in the underground parking garage provide design flexibility and seamlessly integrate with the architectural design. They enhance the natural lighting aesthetic while offering high energy efficiency and a long lifespan of up to 60,000 hours. These LED strips align with the sustainability and energy-saving goals of the bicycle parking garage and require minimal maintenance. They can be easily interconnected using the integrated cables on both sides.


LEDVANCE created a lighting concept for the IJboulevard parking garage in Amsterdam, designed to house 4,000 bicycles. The integrated LED strips blend harmoniously with the architectural design and are part of an innovative light management system. They provide even and flexible controllable lighting throughout the space. With their high energy efficiency and long lifespan, the LED strips contribute to the sustainability goals of the parking garage.

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