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10 New Products From CES That Intrigue Lighting Pros

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 January 24, 2022CESshowfloor 400x275

Sponsored by the Consumer Technology Association, the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) returned to Las Vegas as an in-person exhibition this month. Renowned as a showcase for emerging technology across an enormous spectrum of categories, CES offered a variety of products that involved lighting and home automation in some way. Here are 10 introductions that got our attention.







CES Lili Lamp for dyslexia for adultsLIGHTING THAT HELPS DYSLEXICS

The Lili for Life Lili lamp helps dyslexic people read more easily by using a customizable, connected, and portable solution. Utilizing patented technology, the Lili lamp reportedly allows for an immediate and easier decryption of words while reducing the tiredness experienced during a prolonged reading session.

This patented technology is based on the scientific discovery of two French physicists, Albert Le Floch and Guy Ropars. Rewarded in 2020 by the French National Academy of Medicine, they discovered that people with dyslexic disorders have two dominant eyes. Therefore, while reading, they see mirror images, which causes an image overlay in the brain and makes reading difficult. The flashes produced by the Lili lamp create a time lag in the processing of the visual perception of the letters, which removes these image overlays. Therefore, reading becomes more fluent, faster, less tiring, and yields a better understanding of the meaning of the text read.

The Lili lamp has been designed to be ergonomic as well as easily transportable. Foldable, light, and supplied with a carrying case, the Lili lamp can be stored easily in a school bag or a handbag. In order for each user to have optimized reading comfort, they must first personalize their setting by downloading the Liliforlife app with their smartphone. No further manipulation is necessary for daily use.






Zuvi introduced the next generation of hair dryers – called Zuvi Halo – featuring patented LightCare technology inspired by natural light. This first-of-its-kind hair dryer uses “light energy” to dry at top speeds while maintaining lower hair and scalp temperatures for healthier, smoother, shinier hair — all while reducing energy usage by 60 percent.

Zuvi Halo has been tested by the internal Zuvi Hair Lab/3rd party testing and certification lab run by SGS Quality Control Services with the following results:

  • hair retains 109 percent more internal moisture than with traditional hair dryers
  • hair holds dye 57 percent longer,
  • results in 17-percent smoother hair
  • leads to hair being 9 percent stronger
  • enhances shine by 37 percent

The Zuvi Halo has received 100+ global patents, including for intelligent systems to adjust the light and wind to match the room temperature, and for the 120 layers of titanium coating that filter out UV rays for eye safety. The nature-inspired technology reportedly reduces the user’s daily carbon footprint by being 2.5x more energy efficient.

The brand received CES 2022 Innovation Award Honoree designations in three categories: Home Appliances; Health & Wellness and Sustainability; and Eco-Design & Smart Energy.





Oledcomm launched the LiFiMAXTab®, the first Android tablet with integrated LiFi (Light Fidelity) offering high-speed internet via invisible light that is ultra-secure without radio frequency waves or the need for a dongle. It transmits data by modulating light signals from a light source, a process that is invisible to the naked eye. LiFi has a latency 100 times faster than WiFi. The tablet has an integrated LiFi module with 150Mbps downstream and 150Mbps upstream. In addition, Oledcomm has achieved 3Gbps point-to-point at a distance of 1 to 5m.

According to Benjamin Azoulay, President of Oledcomm, the tablet allows all family members to connect to the Internet via invisible light, providing a robust, stable, radio frequency-free connection with a signal that cannot be intercepted (i.e. hacked) outside the room. “LiFiMAXTab® is ideal for home office use, for parents and children at home, or at school,” he said.






The Targus® UV-C LED Disinfection Light incorporates state-of-the-art UV-C LED and automation technology that provides a safe and consistent no-touch solution to help reduce pathogens with UV-C light. Designed to stand on a work desk, the AC-powered light turns on and runs for 5 minutes every hour to break down the DNA of microorganisms. The Targus UV-C LED Disinfection Light was proven to be highly effective in destroying MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus); however, it has not yet been tested against COVID-19.

When the Targus light is initially turned on, the light waits 60 seconds for the Passive InfraRed Sensors to stabilize and calibrate before performing any disinfection. During this time, the manual clean button is inoperative. Prior to any disinfection cycle taking place, a visible pre-disinfection countdown starts in warning. Safety measures include auto shut-off features that utilize motion sensors. If any motion is detected within the safety zone, or directly outside of the active cleaning area, the UV-C LED will be automatically disabled.






Evvr added to its home automation line with an In-Wall Relay Switch that can be integrated discreetly into regular light switches to make them smart and wirelessly controllable. The smart relay switch is designed explicitly for two-wire electrical systems. No minimum load or neutral wire is required, and it’s compatible with push buttons and toggle switches. The switches’ small size means two Evvr In-Wall Relay Switches can fit in an electrical box to support up to four-gang panel switches and up to a four-way switch system.

 This robust in-wall relay switch supports HomeKit Wi-Fi, Z-Wave, and Zigbee 3.0. It works with Zigbee 3.0 gateways, including Amazon Echo, SmartThings, Phillips HUE, Aeotec, and SONOFF.

A full suite of home automation products will be released in 2022 – developed to suit the needs of builders, property owners, installers, and homeowners – including the In-Wall Relay Switch and In-Wall Relay Switch Lite, Evvr Center, Evvr Hub, Evvr Pad S, plus the Evvr app, and Evvr Con sole app. The Evvr Console app provides a table user interface on iOS or Android and is designed for “public usage,” where access limitations can be set up so that everyone in the common space can control the home automation via Evvr Console app without logging in.




The Govee Glide Wall Light features 7 interchangeable pieces that allow users to create their own designs on a wall surface, including shapes and letters. Each piece can be customized individually or controlled at the same time, allowing for up to 57 colors to be displayed at once. Glide’s wide assortment of colors and lighting effects add an extra dimension to gaming nights and viewing parties . There is also a model that contains 12 pieces for more creativity.

In addition, a new Govee Glide Hexa Wall Panel will debut this summer. The company’s RGBIC technology allows the color light to glow from behind each transparent shell. Similar to the original product, the new Hexa light panels offer lighting effects, music modes, and colors that can be customized through the Govee Home app. This new set of light panels will have cube-shaped panels designed to create 3D effects.





TIKI® Brand Brand was named a CES® 2022 Innovation Awards Honoree for its BiteFighter™ String Lights with proven mosquito repellency.

“We are thrilled to be the first to combine the ambiance of string lights with the convenience of proven mosquito repellency,” said TIKI Brand Sr. Product Manager Jeremy Yingst. “Our mission at TIKI Brand is to create products that allow consumers to experience carefree moments in their outdoor space, so being able to bring this technology to life is exciting.”

The string lights include a 36-foot string with three integrated repellent diffusers, three BiteFighter™ replaceable repellent pods, and 12 shatter-resistant LED bulbs. The pre-filled pods last 200 hours and provide a protection zone of 330 square feet.









GE Lighting, a Savant company, continued to expand its smart home ecosystem, Cync, with several new products: a smart thermostat and temperature sensor; a line of outdoor security cameras; and additional lighting products. All of the Cync devices work together via the Cync app to automate temperature inside the home as well as security and lighting inside and out. The app was given an Innovation Award at CES 2022.

“The ‘smartest’ smart home consists of a network of reliable products that work together seamlessly and are easy to install and use for the ultimate in convenience, comfort, and security,” said Paul Williams, VP/Experiences at GE Lighting. “Our new products give consumers the ability to bolster their Cync smart home with new whole-home capabilities that are hubless and can all be controlled by a single app or voice.”

The Cync Smart Thermostat can be installed without a common wire, making it compatible in nearly every home. Its large, high-contrast display makes on-site control easy, and no hub is required for ‘away from home’ control using the Cync app. The new Cync Room Temperature Sensors work with the Smart Thermostat to monitor individual rooms or the entire home.

In addition, the Cync family of smart bulbs has grown by 11 new products, including smart decorative filament-style bulbs in various shapes and sizes, such as candelabra and globe and the popular Reveal® general purpose bulbs. These additions will be offered in both white and full-color options. The lights come equipped with WiFi unlocking a range of features including voice control, scheduling scenes, and more — all controlled from the Cync app. Users have the ability to change the living room to a dance party from their cell phone or check to see if the kids left the lights on when they left for school.

Cync devices can be controlled with both Alexa and Google and can link to Cync smart light bulbs, strips and wall switches, motion detectors, indoor and outdoor smart plugs and cameras, and thermostat with sensors to create custom scenes. Cync will be included in the 2022 integration of the Matter protocol that allows all smart home devices to work together regardless of manufacturer or platform.





Smart plugs powered by Tuya are a reliable way to create a more efficient and eco-friendly environment in the home. By cutting vampire power and tracking energy usage, consumers can easily save energy and help save the environment.

With Tuya Smart’s Home Energy Management System, energy consumption in both domestic and commercial settings can now be easily monitored and controlled. Voice is becoming a big part of the future smart home, and devices in the Tuya ecosystem are all Alexa Built-in devices, designed to make consumers lives easier by enabling voice-control in connected homes. Paired with Amazon Dash Replenishment, this smart home service automatically reorders household consumables so homeowners will no longer worry about running out of everyday products. Tuya Smart also works seamlessly with Apple HomeKit.




CESGeoSmartAllinOne 900x1200PORTABLE FAN & LIGHT FOR REMOTE WORKERS CESGepSmartwork 400x275

GeoSmartPro is a British start-up that has recently entered the smart home industry. Its second product, AirLit, is an all-in-one smart ring light and fan. Designed to help people feel more confident and comfortable when on video, the ring light can be positioned to offer a flattering appearance for video calls or content creation, or while doing applying make-up.

The ring light offers a range of color temperatures from 3000K to 5000K and dimming from 10 to 100 percent. A magnetic mirror accessory aids in makeup and hairstyling tasks. The AirLit offers 180-degree vertical rotation and 270-degree flex rotation with a telescopic stem that extends from 400mm to 1000mm.

Equipped with blue light reduction to reduce eye strain, the AirLit can also be used as a desk lamp and has a battery life of up to 15 hours. There are three different light and fan speed modes for optimum comfort and convenience.

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