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Acuity Brands Introduces Connected STAR to Enhance Emergency Lighting Solutions

April 16, 2024

Acuity Brands, Inc. recently announced the addition of Connected STAR to its Emergency Lighting with Self Testing Automated Reporting (STAR) solution.

This enhancement aids in code compliance through its new method of deployment suited for large scale applications, ensuring proper emergency operation and illumination during power outages.

With the introduction of Connected STAR, powered by the Connected Self Testing Automated Reporting Gateway by IOTA®, test data is securely logged within the unit, and compliance reports are automatically emailed directly to users’ devices.

The market demand for robust emergency lighting solutions is driven by the need for life safety code compliance. Life Safety Code NFPA 101 mandates monthly testing for at least 30 seconds, annual testing for at least 90 minutes, and meticulous record-keeping. Emergency Lighting with Self Testing Automated Reporting alleviates the burdens associated with compliance through its automated testing and reporting capabilities.

Key benefits include:

  • No Button Pushes or Ladders: Automation eliminates the need for manual testing, freeing users from the hassle of climbing ladders or lifts.
  • No Written Records: Automated reporting delivers data directly to users’ mobile devices, eliminating the need for manual record-keeping and ensuring accessibility during emergencies.
  • No Disruptions: Automated testing occurs seamlessly during day-to-day operations, avoiding the need for manual power shutdowns and resulting in time, cost, and energy savings.

Emergency Lighting with STAR offers two deployment options: Mobile and Connected STAR. Mobile Self Testing Automated Reporting logs test data in individual units, broadcasting it to the CLAIRITY+ mobile app. Connected Self Testing Automated Reporting logs data in the Connected STAR Gateway by IOTA and sends reports directly via email.

To access the Self Testing Automated Reporting micro app, users can download the CLAIRITY+ mobile app from Acuity Brands®, available for free on both iOS and Android devices in the app store.

Find enabled products and take the online eLearning course at acuitybrands.com/STAR.

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