LANTANA LED Rolls Out New Sustainable Lighting Families for Data Center, Industrial, and Commercial Applications

January 29, 2024

LANTANA LED  Illucent Product line

Three New and Expanded Lighting Lines Prioritize Sustainability, Longevity, and Ease of Maintenance

LANTANA LED, a leading provider of sustainable lighting solutions, announced two new lighting product lines designed to meet the needs of data center and commercial building owners.

The Illucent family of products, named with translucency and illumination in mind, and Neoteric, a sleek, modern line of luminaires, encompass seven new lighting fixture styles now available for deployment in various commercial and industrial settings.

“Our two newest product lines are a result of close collaboration with data center owners, electrical contractors, and engineers and are designed specifically to eliminate commercial and industrial building operator pain points,” said LANTANA LED CEO Sam Rabinowitz. “All of our fixtures adhere to strict sustainability, efficiency, and maintenance standards, with special attention paid to temperature rating, speed of installation, ease of operation, energy efficiency, and price.”

Sam Rabinowitz,

The Illucent line includes linear, chandelier, and troffer styles designed for a diverse audience of architects, interior designers, facility managers, and property owners who value superior quality and energy efficiency in their lighting solutions. This collection caters to commercial and industrial settings, including data centers, healthcare, retail, hospitality, education, and government facilities.

Illucent Troffer

All Illucent fixtures are UL-certified for elevated ambient operating temperatures with unmatched longevity and superior energy efficiency. This high-quality line delivers better ROI and the highest value for mission-critical new construction and renovation projects.

The Neoteric line includes the box linear, cylinder, slim linear, and edge-lit panel styles for architects and commercial property owners seeking cutting-edge technology, energy efficiency, and sleek designs created to infuse spaces with modern elegance. Recommended for healthcare, hospitality, commercial, government, education, and data center applications, the Neoteric line prioritizes hassle-free maintenance, environmental responsibility, and unmatched longevity.

Both lines, as well as LANTANA LED’s expanded Edge product family, are designed to lower data center material, installation, and labor costs using distributed low voltage, saving approximately 1.38 hours per fixture.

Having celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2023, LANTANA LED has an extensive history of delivering distinctive illumination and, in particular, has developed a reputation for reliability, excellence, and flexibility in data center and commercial settings.

For additional information on LANTANA LED’s Illucent, Neoteric, and Edge product families, visit www.lantanaled.com

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