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Everwoods: A Lasting Natural Aesthetic from OCL

May 1, 2024

At the intersection of innovation and nature lies our latest offering – Everwoods – a stunning line of wood finish powder coat paint options that promise to enhance any decorative lighting experience.

Inspired by the intricate wood patterns found in nature’s tapestry, Everwoods embodies the essence of woodland beauty. This transformative finish not only brings the rustic charm of wood to your space but also embraces the enduring resilience of powder coat paint, ensuring lasting beauty for years to come.

Embrace Nature’s Essence

Immerse yourself in nature’s palette with eight new finish options. From the golden hues of Pine (PNDP) to the deep, earthy tones of Teak (TKDP), each wood finish powder coat paint option captures the essence of a tranquil forest glade. Whether you’re drawn to the whispering elegance of Walnut (WLDP) or the rustic reclaimed charm of Dark Barnwood (DWDP)Everwoods offers a selection as harmonious as the forest itself.  After undergoing our powder coat process, each finished luminaire has a slightly different appearance of its wood grain pattern, giving Everwoods the naturally organic look of real wood.  No two fixtures are the same!

Everwoods finishes are available on 8 of our product families*:
  • Glowstick (pendant, Cluster, & Diverge)
  • Glowball (pendant, Cluster, & Diverge)
  • Astra
  • Aro (pendant & Cluster)
  • Dash
  • Liner
  • Uno
  • Duo

*Everwoods finish may be used as modifications on other luminaires.  Contact us to see what’s possible.

And with 8 premium wood finish options:

Timeless Harmony

Everwoods serves as a steadfast reminder of the enduring beauty of nature. Enacted with a delicate balance of craftsmanship and care, our finishes are imbued with the timeless essence of the forest. Everwoods finishes bring all the benefits of powder coat paint, and are durable and resilient to their environment. Yet they bring the peace and tranquility of nature to any project, allowing those within to reconnect with your surroundings.

Endless Inspiration

These wood finish powder coat paint options bring a touch of woodland magic to every project. Let the imagination wander among the trees and discover the transformative power and warmth of Everwoods today, and let the tranquility of the forest illuminate your space.

More information available here

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