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Radiant® LED Advanced Dimmer from Legrand Offers Seamless LED Dimming

Legrand® has introduced its latest advanced LED dimmer in the radiant® Collection. Offering the widest dimming range possible, the dimmer boasts advanced circuitry to precisely control light levels, eliminate common dimming issues and ensure a superior lighting control experience.

Optimized to work right out of the box, it is widely compatible with LED bulbs and fixtures up to 150W at 120VAC. The dimmer’s optional LED burst mode helps alleviate turn-on delays and popcorning, while the high- and low-end dimming adjustment allows users to set their preferred dimming range.

“The broad adoption of LED lamps and fixtures has revolutionized the lighting industry, and we have evolved our lighting controls to meet that need,” says Manny Linhares, Sr. Director of Product Marketing & Strategy. “Our latest LED dimming engine delivers peak dimming performance out of the box while allowing for super easy adjustments when an LED fixture may not perform optimally. This results in an improved lighting experience for everyone, from the electrical contractor to the homeowner.”

The advanced LED dimmer is easy to install in both new construction homes and retrofit applications, with no neutral wire required. Any basic switch or dimmer can be replaced in less than 15 minutes. Complete the look with a screwless radiant® Wall plate and pair it with other dimmers and switches in the radiant® Collection to create a cohesive style throughout the home.

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