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Peerless Introduces New Prim Linear Lighting Solution with 2 Size Options

March 11, 2024

Peerless® announced recently the launch of Prim™, a new linear lighting solution that blends top-tier lighting functionality with a respect for architectural aesthetics. Designed to create a seamless flow in any space, the light integrates human-centric illumination with design intentionality.

Prim Key Points of Differentiation

  • Prim offers a recessed backlit lens and trim designed to provide quality light output with superior glare control and visual comfort for the occupant.
  • Trims can be smooth or ribbed and will offer a variety of colors or anodized options.
  • Indirect batwing distribution is full and provides superb ceiling uniformity for maximizing spacing.
  • Line voltage or low voltage DC-to-DC Modulus™ technology gives the customer options for how they want to power and control their lighting system.
  • Mounting support bridge allows the end user increased installation flexibility around ceiling constraints.
  • Continuous direct lens with up to 100 linear feet without any breaks or seams for unparalleled continuity.
  • Patent-pending electromechanical joining makes fixture-to-fixture connections simpler and faster, reducing installation time.

Prim is available in 2” and 4” sizes with pendant or recessed mounting options and is fit for commercial office, education, retail, and multi-use spaces. Prim’s install-friendly mounting bridges offer an unprecedented +/-12” adjustment, allowing for seamless integration around obstructions. This flexibility delivers substantial time savings and enhances installation versatility.

“Prim is a product of our commitment to innovation and excellence in lighting design,” said Jamal Smith, Business Unit Leader, Peerless Lighting. “We are proud to offer a solution that meets the highest standards of performance, quality, and aesthetics, and that can transform any space into a comfortable and productive environment.”

Jamal Smith, Business Unit Leader, Peerless Lighting

For more information on Prim, visit their site

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