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Elemental LED Doubles U.S. Manufacturing Capability

ElementalLED 125x86


ElementalLED 400x275August 1, 2022

Elemental LED Inc., a leading U.S. manufacturer of linear LED lighting and related products, is significantly expanding its Reno, Nevada factory to enable automation and large-scale manufacturing.

“We’ve been building high-quality LED lighting fixtures in Reno since 2017, and we surpassed our 10-year expected manufacturing volumes in less than five,” said Randy Holleschau, CEO of Elemental LED. “Now is the time to double our manufacturing space in Reno so we can keep meeting the exceptional demand we are seeing for our products.”

Using proprietary machinery designed and built by Elemental LED, the factory floor is increasingly automated. This enables the production of large-scale orders with short lead times and within very tight manufacturing tolerances.

Elemental LED manufactures Diode LED and Lucetta linear lighting products for the electrical distribution and specification sales channels. The Reno factory also manufactures products for the Elemental Solutions and Elemental Technologies brands, which serve the retail display fabrication and OEM sales channels, respectively.

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