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Research Indicates Lighting Trends Are Influenced by the Pandemic

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Trend Aspect LED Designer Survey 400x275December 14, 2021

The manufacturer’s survey compiled the responses of hundreds of designers who were asked to share insights with their peers about the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on lighting design.

“We deeply appreciate the participation of so many designers in our annual design trends survey,” said Beth Nielsen, CEO of aspectLED. “Like many professionals, designers have faced a significant degree of ongoing challenge in the past 18 months adapting to the changing needs of their customers in light of the Pandemic. We wanted to give them an opportunity to add their voices to the ongoing dialogue about how this has reshaped our industry.”

In aspectLED’s Annual Survey on Trends in Commercial and Residential Lighting Design, designers were asked a series of questions regarding the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. The research results indicate 96% of the respondents believe that lighting design trends have been influenced by the pandemic. More specifically, 90% of participants said they have seen more interest in lighting designs for outdoor spaces, and 89% have seen an increase in hands-free/non-contact lighting designs, such as motion-activated under-cabinet lighting in restrooms and public spaces. In addition, 83% have seen lighting design being used to de-emphasize crowded spaces by spotlighting specific areas like tables in restaurants, and keeping the lighting low in general spaces where crowds form.

Of the designers who participated in the survey, 93% recommended LED lighting products for post-COVID projects, of which 87% specified LED because it offered more flexibility in design.

“We wanted to give lighting designers an opportunity to add their voices to the ongoing dialogue about how the COVID-19 pandemic has reshaped our industry,” Nielsen said.

Headquartered in Minnesota, aspectLED’s products have been used in Marriott hotels, McDonald’s restaurants, Disney theme parks, BP gas stations, Wells Fargo banks, and in thousands of other hospitality, commercial, and residential applications.

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