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Dominion Energy Partners With West Columbia on City-Wide Retrofit

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Dominon Energy Partner 400x275May 17, 2022

West Columbia, S.C. streets will be brighter, yet use less energy thanks to the Municipal Lighting Program, a partnership between the city and Dominion Energy. The 1,000- street lamp retrofit is estimated to be completed over the next two months.

“As a company we have a goal to reduce greenhouse emissions. It’s part of our net zero 2050 goal,” said Ashley Cunningham, Dominion Energy spokesperson in a report by CBS News19. 

Dominion Energy hope to implement the Municipal Lighting Program in cities throughout the state. “It’s a win-win situation for the city, for the city’s citizens, whether you’re walking outside, whether you’re going for a jog or going for a run, or walking your pet … it’s brighter, and it’s just more aesthetically pleasing,” Cunningham said.

The change-out is estimated to save the city 440,000kWh and $9,000 annually on energy costs per year.

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