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Leviton was invited by US Lighting Trends to share its take on the Future of our Industry, Technologies, Markets and Trends to Watch in 2024

February 20, 2024

By Mike Lehman, General Manager of ConTech Lighting

Currently the lighting outlook for 2024 appears to be “challenged” with increased interest rates, a slowing commercial construction market, and general uncertainty, what is Leviton’s Lighting 2024 trend outlook. Which market segments does it see having greater opportunities for the company, but more importantly, for specifiers.

2024 is expected to range between flat and single digit growth across retail, commercial, hospitality, and commercial vertical markets. There are several key growth verticals trending for lighting specifiers and the Leviton Lighting Brands. All markets are growth markets for specifiers. These opportunities are localized to the city level across the U.S. Specifiers must research and understand each city to understand the opportunities. The drivers of growth are based on local population demographics, businesses, organizations, age of facilities, infrastructure, new project development and retrofit projects, permits, incentives and market trends.

Leviton Lighting currently consists of five unique brands. Please briefly share their unique areas of focus – be it styles, functionality, market segments, product innovation or other differentiators. (and the number may be wrong as we’re focused on the US brands).

Leviton Lighting in the US is comprised of five unique Brands: Birchwood, Certolux, ConTech, Intense, and Visioneering. Birchwood is focused on linear product solutions for commercial applications. Certolux specializes in Medical, Cleanroom, and Vandal Resistant lighting for medical and harsh environments. ConTech delivers a unique combination of specification and commercial grade track, downlights, and tapelight for retail, hospitality, commercial, and residential projects. Intense offers specification grade downlights for residential, commercial, and hospitality environments. Visioneering offers general lighting solutions for a wide range of applications including commercial, industrial, and architectural applications.

How do Leviton’s US lighting brands share best practices? And what differentiates them?
Montrose Columbine

Leviton’s US Lighting brands share best practices across all departments to ensure industry leading customer service and a seamless customer experience across all brands. We also work together to supply product solutions at all performance levels, from residential to commercial, contractor, and spec grade for lighting professionals in all relevant verticals. Each brand is differentiated by our products while harmonized with our customer service experience, product quality, and speedy delivery.

Industry leading customer service benefits all customer types and channels. It benefits them by simplifying quoting, ordering, and managing projects, through all channels including Agents, National Accounts, and Distributors.

From a product viewpoint, what will be the trends in 2024? What do specifiers and contractors need to know, and need to promote to their customers, to remain on the leading edge of lighting?

Specifiers and contractors need to know about trends in luminaire efficiency, beam clarity, color quality, control compatibility, sustainability, and health impact of the products they specify through programs like Energy Star, IES LM-79 reports, and Declare certification. They also need to work with dedicated partners who will work with them to create unique solutions to exceed the expectations of their customers.

There are a multitude of trends to drive business across all tiers and project types, from high-end spec to commercial, contractor, and residential. Depending on tier and vertical, human centric, Circadian Stimulus, Equivalent Melanopic Lux, color tuning, control integration, MacAdam ellipse tolerance, CRI, CCT, Spectral Power Distribution, Fidelity, Gamut, cutoff, selectable, Bluetooth, app based, programmable, and efficacy are all elements that can be used to help create the best solution for a client. Lighting is easy, good lighting is hard.

Specifiers and contractors should partner with lighting brands that have the expertise to help them optimize their lighting designs to meet the intent of the space.

What resources does Leviton offer that specifiers, contractors and distributors should know about that will help them recommend the right Leviton lighting products for their projects?

Leviton Lighting brands offer a wide range of tools to help determine the right lighting products. We offer specialized assistance to help the customer from concept to completion including product selection and layout with our concierge service, samples, lighting/product education, and mock-ups. Customers can also reference Leviton’s robust website, detailed spec sheets (including CRI, CCT, TM-30 data, DLC certification, Energy Star certification, and Declare certification). For more information, visit www.leviton.com/lightingandcontrols.

Given that there is more interest in BABA for projects that may have funding from the IIJA, what percentage of Leviton’s lighting products, by brand, qualify under BABA criteria? Is this a market opportunity for Leviton and its partners?

Several Leviton Lighting products comply with various “Made In” programs. Contact your local Leviton Lighting sales agent or brand to find out more. Birchwood Lighting has the greatest number of BABA products.

Leviton is well known for its wiring devices and lighting control systems, which are typically sold through a different sales organization. How can specifiers, contractors and distributors most efficiently interact with both sales organizations to recommend one, integrated solutions to their customer.

In the complex world of electrical and lighting sales, Leviton offers several channels that work together to simplify the experience and deliver what is needed when you want it. Customers can reach out to local sales agents or our Leviton Lighting sales team.

All contacts can be found on the respective Brand pages of: https://www.leviton.com/en/solutions/led-lighting

Is the control functionality of fixtures optimized to work with Leviton controls or are they platform / supplier agnostic?

Leviton Lighting luminaires are controls agnostic. While we recommend Leviton controls, our products are compatible with most industry standard control products. Compatible controls can easily be found on our website and luminaire product spec sheets.

What else should our readers known about Leviton Lighting?

Leviton Lighting offers a wide range of luminaire solutions for almost any vertical market along with industry-leading customer support and market knowledge. When you are looking for a partner that will work with you to grow your business, look no further than the Leviton Lighting brands; we’re here for you from product selection and lighting design to support before and after the installation.

About ConTech Lighting

ConTech Lighting, a Leviton Company, is your resource for innovative, award-winning, lighting solutions. Since our founding in 1980, we have been committed to delivering our unique blend of Industry Leading Customer Service, Product Innovation, Product Quality, Speedship™ Delivery, Market Expertise, and Sustainability. That is why we are the lighting manufacturer that industry professionals trust to meet their high expectations for a wide range of project types, including Retail, Commercial, Hospitality, and Commercial. Our extensive product offering includes track, decorative, pendant, cylinder, recessed, sconce, accent, and emergency lighting fixtures.

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