NEMA’s Patrick Hughes Elected President of Americans for a Clean Energy Grid

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People Patrick Hughes NEMA 400x275December 10, 2021

Americans for a Clean Energy Grid (ACEG) – a diverse coalition focused on expanding, integrating, and modernizing the North American high-voltage grid – has elected National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) VP/Operations Patrick Hughes as President.

Founded in 2010, ACEG educates stakeholders about the importance of policies and regulations that support investments in transmission infrastructure to achieve a clean energy economy. ACEG’s diverse coalition of businesses, environmental advocates, labor groups, and consumers recognize the need to continue the momentum toward a sustainable, decarbonized, and electrified economy, but also understand that the challenges facing the grid can only be met if there is broad public and policymaker recognition that its many benefits dramatically exceed its costs.

“As an active participant in Americans for a Clean Energy Grid since its inception, I am honored to have been elected to serve as President,” said Patrick Hughes. “At this current moment, with an electrified economy ahead of us, the need to invest in transmission infrastructure is greater than ever. ACEG is at the forefront of promoting policies that anticipate the future needs of the grid, proactively planning for a changing, decarbonized generation mix. I look forward to working with ACEG management and partners to continue the coalition’s influential work.”

“ACEG welcomes our new leader, Patrick Hughes,” said Rob Gramlich, Executive Director of ACEG. “Patrick has a deep understanding of transmission and the policy environment in which we are working and will help us grow as an organization and expand our impact in Washington and regions across the country.”

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