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Nova Flex Expands Linear Signature Series with Tunable White Version

Signature Series Tunable White

Nova Flex has announced the latest addition to its Signature Series linear lighting product line with the Tunable White (TWH). Signature Series Tunable White extends versatility and precision, effortlessly allowing a space to mimic the natural rhythm of daylight. This innovative offering allows for incredible control over color temperature without losing any fixture output, making it perfect for creating the ideal atmosphere in restaurants, venues, and other spaces throughout the day.

The advanced design allows for two independent Class 2 circuits, enabling greater flexibility and performance. When paired with either two single-channel drivers or a multi-channel driver, the maximum run length can be doubled. 

Signature Series TWH Highlights

  • Superior Thermal Management: Incorporating 4 ounces of copper, TWH excels in thermal management, effectively preventing overheating and ensuring consistent, long-term performance.
  • Enhanced Durability: TWH boasts an improved wire-to-pad and pad-to-pad design, significantly reducing the likelihood of broken resistors and enhancing overall reliability.
  • Color Accuracy: With a CRI of 95+, TWH delivers vibrant, true-to-life colors, providing a superior visual experience.
  • Consistent Performance: Achieving a one-bin, 2-step MacAdam color tolerance, TWH ensures unparalleled color uniformity across all wattages and IP ratings.
  • Industry-First BBL Tolerance: Our Signature Series line introduces a center point for tolerances below the Black Body Locus (BBL), ensuring consistent downlight color points and a high degree of color consistency.


  • Hospitality: Perfect for hotel lobbies or reception areas, creating an inviting atmosphere.
  • Restaurants: Enhance dining experiences with adjustable lighting to suit various occasions.
  • Event Venues: Flexible lighting options for different events and themes.
  • Healthcare & Wellness: Ideal for clinics, hospitals, daycare, and childcare centers, promoting comfort and well-being.
  • Museums: Highlight exhibits with precision-tuned lighting that accentuates without altering colors.
  • Residential: Preferred in high-end residences seeking more than just traditional dim-to-warm options.
  • Mixed-Use Buildings: Maintain uniformity across apartment, office, retail, and restaurant spaces with customizable CCT.
  • Cruise Ships: Seamlessly integrate lighting transitions throughout the ship, enhancing passenger experience.
  • Amusement Parks / Entertainment Venues: Provide ambient lighting in indoor areas without the need for theatrical lighting setups.


  • Available in two temperature ranges and three power options:
    • 2200-3000K: 3W/ft (75-90L/ft), 4.4W/ft (105-125L/ft), 6W/ft (138-165L/ft)
    • 2400-3500K: 3W/ft (85-90L/ft), 4.4W/ft (121-127L/ft), 6W/ft (162-171L/ft)
  • 10mm width for IP22, 12.1mm width for IP67 in clear silicone sleeve (same sleeve used with Signature Series White High Efficiency)
  • 5 year warranty for IP22 and IP67 environments
  • cULus listed

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