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Cree Lighting Introduces Guideway™ Series Street Light that Delivers Visual Comfort 

Cree Lighting has introduced the all-new Guideway™ Series Street Light. Featuring NanoComfort™ Technology, the Guideway™ Series is designed to fundamentally shift customer expectations of the standard street light – how it performs, its features and options, and in particular, the degree of visual comfort it provides.

“With the introduction of the Guideway Series street light, Cree Lighting shows that not only does every community deserve better light, but now, every community can have better light,” said Erik Milz, Cree Lighting’s Vice President of Product Strategy and Management. “The new Guideway family of street lights is a game-changing solution that brings unmatched levels of application performance, up to 168 LPW efficacy, and noticeably better visual comfort, all without sacrificing affordability. This is the combination that cities, utilities, and DOT’s crave for their constituents.”

In 2008, Cree Lighting helped initiate a revolution in street and roadway lighting when it introduced the LEDway®Series as the first commercially-viable LED street light. Then in 2016, the RSW™ Series was introduced, leveraging Cree Lighting’s WaveMax® Technology to deliver industry-leading light distribution and low glare. The new Guideway Series reinvents this category once again; designed from the ground up to bring together the best of everything learned in the last 15 years.

“In a market where visual comfort is often sacrificed to keep initial product costs low, the Guideway Series offers a refreshing no-compromise solution made possible by our newest optical innovation: NanoComfort Technology,” continued Milz.

NanoComfort Technology distills new, ground-breaking optical engineering into a modular, individually faceted LED system with softer, more diffuse light that reduces glare and spillover, all without the loss of light control or target coverage. Standardized optical modules ensure consistent illumination across a full range of luminaire sizes, designs, and mounting heights, to optimize performance regardless of application. The IP66-rated optical chamber is sealed with a highly durable glass lens that offers a larger optical surface area to further enhance uniformity and greatly reduce potential failure points compared to sealing each individual LED with an optic.

The Guideway Series also boasts Cree Lighting’s largest array of color temperatures ever offered–2200K, 2700K, 3000K, 4000K, 5700K, and coming soon, Wildlife-Friendly True Amber–along with five optical distributions to cover the full range of roadway applications. Lumen packages span from 4,000L to 32,000L, with BAA and BABA compliant configurations available. Its light-weight design and features such as tool-less access, straight-in wiring, and QR code-enabled service connectivity provide easy installation and maintenance.

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