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Legrand Announces 2024 Release of Matter-Enabled Smart Lighting Products 

January 11, 2024

New Matter-enabled devices from the radiant® Collection, developed using Amazon’s Alexa Connect Kit, are on preview at the 2024 Consumer Electronics Show.

Legrand®, a global specialist and leading single-source supplier of electrical wiring solutions, at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, NV, announces the latest offering in smart lighting from the radiant® Collection with new Matter-enabled Wi-Fi smart devices, to be released in 2024. This new generation of the Smart Lighting with Wi-Fi line brings the Matter standard to light switches, dimmers, and outlets as part of a continued commitment to innovation in smart lighting. 

Designed to connect directly to a home’s Wi-Fi network, the Matter-enabled devices are controlled with any number of approved Matter controllers (or hubs) – including the latest from Amazon, Google, Apple, and Samsung. This game-changing advancement eliminates the need for another smartphone app or plugin, as Matter devices are set up and controlled through the latest industry smart home platforms and assistants. This makes it easier than ever to use services like Amazon Alexa to control lights and appliances with voice, scheduled routines, or through more advanced automations with new Matter-enabled devices that speak the same language. 

Homeowners are also not locked to a single smart home ecosystem with Matter’s multi-admin functionality that allow smart devices to connect with multiple smart home platforms at the same time. This means easily controlling a smart home and its devices the way the homeowner chooses.  

“During development, Legrand leveraged Amazon’s Alexa Connect Kit for Matter to assist in the creation of this new generation of smart products, while also maintaining the clean design aesthetic of the radiant collection,” says Manny Linhares, Sr. Director, Product Management at Legrand. “This collaboration with Amazon allowed our teams to more rapidly develop the product and implement the new Matter standard and protocol, all while maintaining Legrand’s high-quality safety and security standards.” 

Manny Linhares, Sr. Director, Product Management at Legrand

As part of the radiant Collection, each Matter-enabled device is designed to complement the aesthetic of any space, while also providing smarter control. The connected devices also easily blend in with other non-connected devices, with a full range of wiring devices and lighting controls from the rest of the expansive radiant collection.  

”We’re thrilled to work with Legrand to bring their products to life for Alexa customers,” said Ben McInnis, Director of Smart Home at Amazon. “The Alexa Connect Kit for Matter is a fully-managed service that makes it easy to build great Matter-enabled products and leverage Amazon’s resources to simplify development, so that Legrand can focus on building high-quality products.” 

Ben McInnis, Director of Smart Home at Amazon

Amazon Frustration-Free Setup 

Legrand’s new smart devices will also support Amazon’s Frustration-Free Setup with Alexa to simplify the device setup experience. When a device that uses Frustration-Free Setup is purchased through Amazon.com and linked to the consumer’s Alexa account during checkout, it will automatically attempt to connect to their network when powered on—meaning device setup with Alexa can be as easy as opening a box and powering on a device.  

Product Set & Availability 

Matter-enabled smart devices will become available to order in the first quarter of 2024 on a staggered release schedule with the Smart 15A Plug-In launching in February. 

WWMP10 – Smart 15A Plug-In with Wi-Fi

WWMRL10WH – radiant® Smart Switch with Wi-Fi

WWMRR15WH – radiant® Smart 15A Receptacle with Wi-Fi

WWMRL51WH – radiant® Smart LED Dimmer with Wi-Fi

WWMP31 – Smart Outdoor Dual Output Plug with Wi-Fi 

More information available here

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