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Eureka Launches Roof Acoustic Luminaire

Eureka Roof Luminaire

Eureka recently announced the release of its Roof luminaire. The large-scale luminaire combines soft felt, unique geometric lines, and sound-absorbing capabilities to enrich a variety of indoor spaces with visual appeal and acoustic comfort.

The acoustic felt frame absorbs reflected sounds in a room; it is particularly well-suited for environments with hard surfaces or tall glass windows. Surface mounting is preferred for low ceiling applications, such as small, enclosed rooms. Suspended mounting fits best in open area environments with higher or unfinished ceilings, where designers can take advantage of the luminaire’s large scale.

A large, rounded diffuser lens inside the luminaire provides low-glare illumination that is not harsh on the eyes, even when directly beneath it. Roof’s downlight offers a direct Lambertian distribution of up to 566 lumens per foot. An optional uplight distribution provides softly diffused ceiling illumination, intended to add extra light to an environment while reducing contrasting surface shadows. At the same time, glare-free indirect illumination of up to 460 lumens per foot is gently reflected back into the space.

Roof is available in 4-foot and 6-foot lengths. Individual suspended-mount luminaires can be combined in environments requiring more light and sound absorption. Ends are joined by a single felt junction panel.

Designers can choose from 24 colors to create the desired aesthetic, and the end panels can be changed out for an alternate color. Fourteen colored cable options are also available to bring even more creative flair to a space.

Roof is available with networked embedded controls from nLight®, addressing requirements of Luminaire Level Lighting Controls (LLLC).

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