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USAI Lighting Introduces the LittleTwos™ High-Performance Lighting Solutions

Joining the sister lines of the LittleOnes® and the LittleOnes® Micro Doubles, the new LittleTwos™ expansive collection of 2” aperture Pinholes and 2” diameter Cylinders offers high-performance design in a small but mighty package. The line from USAI Lighting delivers up to 2000 lumens with advanced glare control.

They are available in a wide range of options, including trim styles and configurations, beam spreads, and housings and are compatible with most architectural control systems. The recessed Pinholes allow for easy installation and service in nearly all site conditions, with a complete family of housings for new construction and install-from-below options. The entire product offering meets WELL Building Standards.

“We’ve been working on the perfect LittleTwos offering. These tiny 2” fixtures offer flexibility and functionality while delivering a consistently powerful yet quiet lighting experience. Innovative projects require high-performance, flexible lighting options, and the recessed Pinhole and tiny Cylinders provide solutions for every space. The countless configurations are ideal for any project in any environment where a barely-there yet powerful lighting solution is desired,” said Bonnie Littman, CEO of USAI Lighting.

Better “TWOgether”

To complement USAI Lighting’s expansive platform offering of 1”, 3”, 4”, 5”, and 6” products, the new LittleTwos 2” Pinholes and Cylinders continue the company’s legacy of engineering high-performance, solution-based lighting products. The complete full-family collection offers designers and architects an impressively expansive range of lighting tools for commercial and residential spaces regardless of ceiling heights or special project conditions and requirements.

“This launch expands our product portfolio to meet the ever-evolving needs of designers with innovative, high-performance solutions,” said Sean Gaydos, USAI President. “Designers now have a consistent room side appearance with USAI Lighting’s iconic bevel trim while achieving proper lumen output and architectural scale in the space, allowing our fixtures installed in 8-60’ ceilings.”

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