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Ketra D2 Downlight from Lutron Offers In-Field Adaptability


The Ketra full spectrum D2 recessed LED downlights from Lutron are available in fixed, adjustable, and wall-wash options to complete any lighting design project. Using a system of interchangeable parts and components, each D2 downlight can be customized to meet the design and architectural needs of the space in which it lives.

No other light source more closely replicates natural light, from candlelight to moonlight. With over 70 patents, Ketra full spectrum Natural Light redefines how light in the home should feel.

Breakthrough optics and a smaller aperture allow the two-inch downlight fixture to disappear into the ceiling, placing the focus where it should be—on the light itself. An exacting, easy-access tilt-and-rotation system allows users to fully leverage Ketra’s patented TruBeam optics, placing light precisely where its wanted —and nowhere else.

D2 trims are meticulously sculpted in die-cast aluminum, honed to a fine, nearly invisible edge, and painted to maintain a smooth, flush-to-the-ceiling appearance.

Anatomy of the Ketra D2 Downlight

  1. Lightweight, airtight-rated steel 2” or 3.5” housings
  2. Tooled tilt and rotation with lockable positioning deliver exacting control over aim and focus
  3. Field-replaceable power supply
  4. Universal collar adapter works with six different collars to meet a variety of architectural conditions
  5. Field-serviceable emitter with integrated controller improves wireless performance and offers standard and spot options
  6. Field-changeable primary optics optimize beam angle—from 15 to 60 degrees
  7. Lenses and accessories mount at the primary optic or at the trim or can be combined
  8. Painted, die-cast aluminum trims are available in flanged, flangeless, and mud-in options


  • High Def Palette—covers a wide range of 16.7 million colors, including pastels, saturated colors and high CRI whites spanning from 1,400K to 10,000K
  • Dynamic Spectrum—precisely tunes the amount of energy across the visible spectrum to produce Natural Light, Natural Dimming and Vibrancy
  • TruBeam—produces uniform color across any available beam angle. Color Lock—maintains your desired color point at a one-step MacAdam 
  • Ellipse across all Ketra product families and over each product’s lifetime

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