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The New Atria 8 Cylinder from Meteor Lighting

October 11, 2023

Introducing the Atria 8, the latest addition to the acclaimed Atria series. Available now in a new high-performing form factor, new Archi-Color™ W+Hue technology, and versatile features making it an exceptional choice for indoor and outdoor spaces.

The Atria 8 is the much anticipated addition to the award-winning series, which is now available in 4, 6, 8 and 10-inch apertures. Four different form factors, but the same high efficacy and superior performance that you’ve come to expect from Meteor.

The Atria 8 offers a versatile lumen package, ranging from 11,000 lm to 20,000 lm, which guarantees high-performance illumination across various architectural spaces, and mounting heights.

Its dynamic dimming options include 0-10V dimming down to 1%, forward or reverse phase dimming down to 1%, and DMX dimming down to an exceptional 0.1%. Furthermore, optics are available in Narrow (30°) to Wide (80°), and compatibility with diverse mounting options, allow for tailored installations.

As with all Atria series cylinders, the 8 comes standard with our VX™ driver that offers video flicker-free illumination no matter the configuration.

Inspiring Spaces with Dynamic Colors

The Atria 8 boasts a variety of dynamic color-changing options such as the Colorflip™ Tunable White which allows color control from 2700K to 6500K, and Colorflip™ Warm Dim offering 3000K to 1900K color control. Both these options can be controlled using 0-10V or DMX controls.

The Atria 8 now debuts with two more dynamic color changing technologies in the Archi-Color™ W+RGB and W+Hue.

Two unique color changing technologies developed by Meteor that blends Architecture + Color. Marking the next generation of dynamic color control that far supersedes traditional RGBW applications.

Archi-Color™ W+Hue Technology

Meteor’s latest color-changing solution represents a significant advancement in precise color control, elevated color accuracy, and optimized lumen performance tailored for commercial spaces. Experience a substantial increase in lumen output for both white and RGB light effects, all now conveniently configurable with the Atria series.

High Resolution DMX & Video Flicker-Free VX™ Driver

Designed with the demands of commercial, theatrical, and live broadcast environments, the Atria 8 is compatible with DMX and DALI controls, and comes standard with our proprietary VX™ Driver. This is a unique Meteor innovation that eliminates any flicker during live recordings or broadcasts, and has been tested with high speed cameras down to 960 FPS.

Wet Location IP65 Rating

The Atria 8 offers durability with its IP65 rating, a robust choice for outdoor settings. With versatile mounting options such as yoke mount, surface mount and wall mount configurations, it’s an adaptable choice for diverse outdoor scenarios.

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