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Anew LED Lighting from TCP: The Incandescent Lighting Alternative

Anew LED Lighting from TCP

You may already be aware of a couple new lighting regulations that affect both homeowners and business owners. First, California’s recent ban on CFL light bulbs followed a similar measure that Vermont passed in May.

Now, the federal government has put incandescent bulbs on notice with standards for energy efficiency aimed at saving consumers billions of dollars on their utility bills while greening up our planet.

To help navigate these new rules at home and work, the pros at TCP have taken their commitment to being green to a higher level — with new lighting technologies that redefine the classics.

Meet Anew Lighting, TCP’s latest line of brilliant, energy-efficient light bulbs designed to seamlessly replace your old incandescent lighting without buying new fixtures or putting up with blue light spikes.

Benefits of Anew Lighting Technologies

At TCP, we’ve been steadfast champions for the benefits of switching to LED lights for years. But underneath the strong points of saving on utility bills while saving the planet, an invisible problem was brewing. Many LED lights produce more blue light than incandescents do. And though it’s not visible to the naked eye, this wavelength can cause headaches, eye strain and fatigue, which is why many people have made reducing blue light in their lives a priority.

TCP’s new LED lighting eliminates this problem and brings to light several benefits, including:

The Full Spectrum of Sunlight Without the Heat

Natural daylight covers the full light spectrum, from the shortest violet wavelengths to the longest red wavelengths. We humans need all that natural light to fuel our circadian rhythms. Incandescent lighting delivered that full spectrum, but it emulated the heat of the sun — which was clearly a problem inside our highly combustible homes and workplaces.

Anew Lighting keeps its cool while producing full-spectrum illumination that closely mimics natural daylight. You’ll get the soft glow you always loved from those incandescents without the additional heat that raises indoor temps and puts your belongings at risk.

Longer Lifespan Than Incandescent Lighting

It used to be an accepted ritual to replace light bulbs every few months. If you haven’t experienced the incredible longevity of LED bulbs, this incandescent bulb ban is actually doing you a favor. LEDs have a lifespan of up to 10,000 hours compared to a mere 1,000 hours for incandescent lighting. To put that into perspective: An incandescent bulb lasts about a month and a half, and new LED lighting typically is good for more than a year.

If that level of convenience doesn’t get you onboard with swapping your bulbs, check out TCP’s  LED savings calculator to see just how much money these new bulbs can keep in your wallet.

Reduced Blue Light Spikes

Blue light is part of that full spectrum of daylight, and some exposure to it is good for us. Those short wavelengths help keep us awake and alert during the day. The problem is that we’re getting too much of those blue lights because we spend so much time indoors, staring at digital screens under LED lighting — both of which emit spikes of blue light that can cause headaches, eye strain and disrupted sleep patterns.

The solution? Reducing blue light at the office and at home by using blue light-blocking glasses, limiting screen time before bed and switching to new LED light bulbs that nix those pesky blue light spikes. TCP Anew lighting minimizes blue peaks and increases the red end of the spectrum to deliver the warm, familiar glow of incandescent lighting that more closely matches sunlight.

High Color Rendering Index

One of the more mysterious labels on a light bulb box is CRI. Lighting of any type can affect the way colors look — which is its Color Rendering Index, CRI for short. Think about how paint samples can look drastically different at the store than they do in your home. It’s not the hue on the paint chips that change but the color temperature of your lighting. Why does lighting color temperature matter when you’re choosing new lighting? Because the higher a bulb’s CRI, the truer all colors will look under its illumination. TCP’s Anew series delivers high CRI light bulbs that put you in control of any space’s ambience. For reference:

  • Natural sunlight = 100 CRI
  • Old Incandescent lighting = 100 CRI
  • Most LED lighting = 80 to 90 CRI
  • Anew LED lighting = 98 CRI

Perfect Dimming

Early versions of LED light bulbs had a dimming problem. Namely, they were either not dimmable at all, or they put out annoying flickers or buzzing sounds at dimmed levels. That’s because engineers were still tweaking the way they built LED drivers, which convert electricity to the low-voltage constant current these eco-friendly bulbs require. At TCP, we control the entire production process from design and development through manufacturing and distributing. The TCP team is constantly developing cutting-edge improvements — and we’re particularly proud that the Anew Lighting line harnesses new lighting technologies for perfect dimming capabilities. Whether you need dimmable lighting for movie theaters, classrooms, offices or residential spaces, these beauties will dim smoothly and silently.

Incredibly Low Energy Use

TCP has been committed to producing environmentally friendly lighting solutions for more than three decades — so the incandescent light ban bulb is no surprise to us! From LED bulbs that are Energy Star certified to an array of Dark Sky compliant lights, we strive to illuminate life while being gentler on the planet. TCP’s latest line of Anew Lighting keeps pace with eco-friendly goals by using a fraction of the energy that incandescent lighting did to produce the same light output. That translates to lower utility bills and more money in your pocket without sacrificing light quality.

Applications for Anew Lighting

Ready to elevate your home and workplace with new LED lighting from TCP? These beauties feature the familiar A19 shape you’ll recognize from incandescent bulbs, and the E26 base fits into all the same fixtures that your old incandescents used.

Let’s shine a light on our best ideas for giving a new life to public and private spaces with Anew Lighting!


There are so many ways TCP lighting can level up your business, from customized decorative flat panel covers to safety-minded parking lot lights. Show your office workers you care about their health and well-being by reducing the blue light they’re exposed to at work with Anew lighting. Swap out the incandescent lighting in desktop and floor lamps for Anew bulbs, and you’ll get triple benefits: happier, more productive workers, a lower overall carbon footprint and huge money savings on utility bills.

Educational Settings

Choosing LED lighting for schools really makes the grade! With the brilliance of sunlight and no pesky blue light spikes disrupting the lesson, Anew light bulbs are sure to be the teacher’s pet. Plus, the smooth dimming capability gives teachers greater control over a classroom’s mood. They can keep everyone’s attention under the brightest setting, then dim seamlessly for naptime or quiet periods. Try them in any supplemental light fixtures, like floor and table lamps in classrooms, the teacher’s lounge and administrative offices.

Healthcare Facilities

No one likes being sick. And because of the way light impacts psychology and mood in hospitals and other healthcare facilities, reducing blue light in these spaces is particularly important. TCP’s new lighting technologies can help ensure the most comfortable and healthful environment for patients and healthcare workers alike. Brilliant illumination without blue light spikes creates a vibrant ambience that can quickly be dimmed when it’s time to rest. Plus, replacing incandescents with Anew high CRI light bulbs makes it easier for nurses and MAs to identify color-coded equipment intended to avoid medical mistakes.

Civic Spaces

Saving taxpayers’ money while treating citizens to a bright and welcoming experience is a main goal for many civic spaces. Whether it’s in the town hall, the mayor’s office or a public library, good lighting can help motivate neighbors to work together for the common good. Anew’s high CRI LED lighting is an exceptionally smart choice for gallery and museum lighting, as it ensures viewers will see exactly what the artist intended. Upgrades like this invite public participation and discourse that transcend politics and align with budgetary considerations.


Nowhere are lighting and physical health more closely linked than in your home. And home is also the place where we need the most flexibility with our lights. If you still have old light bulbs lingering in your kitchen, living room, bathrooms, master suite, game room or laundry room, the incandescent light bulb ban is the clarion call to make the big switch to new lighting.

You don’t need to buy any new fixtures because Anew lighting has the same shape and base as those familiar incandescent’s. And you probably won’t notice much difference in the quality of light because our new lighting technologies mimic that warm incandescent glow — while reducing the amount of blue light your family is exposed to at home. That means your kids might be able to focus better on homework, everyone will sleep better, and you’ll have better control over ambience with smooth, silent dimming.

Anew Lighting Products From TCP

Get the same amount of brightness and color rendering without the blue light spikes and heat output of incandescents with TCP’s Anew Lighting line. We’ve redefined the classics with new lighting technologies that help you save money, time and the planet while seeing your future in a clearer light.

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