New Line for Smart Home Realm from MaxLite

March 30, 2024

MaxLite has launched MaxLiteHome™, an expanded line of residential consumer products that offer an array of electrical products beyond lighting.

Under the MaxLiteHome brand and tagline “Reinventing Residential,” the company now offers multiple energy-efficient consumer products alongside its existing lamps and lighting fixtures. The new ENERGY STAR-certified line features wifi-enabled A19 bulbs, smart power strips, and plugs that can be controlled through voice commands – integrating with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant – as well as remotely through an app. Whether it’s turning off forgotten appliances remotely or scheduling lights to turn on before arriving home, these devices make managing home electronics easier and more efficient.

Another featured product is MaxLiteHome’s PurAirMax HEPA filter air purifier, which will filter out 99.7% of home air particulates. MaxLiteHome will be launching a new smart generation of ENERGY STAR-certified PurAirMax HEPA filter air purifiers later this year to complement its new smart line of products.

Leading the charge for MaxLiteHome is Stan Mertz, VP/Utility & Residential Programs. Mertz and his team are continuing to develop new products to create a wider selection of essential home products and fixtures for the everyday consumer.

“I’m excited to see us branch out into other products ‘beyond the bulb,’” said Mertz. “MaxLiteHome gives us a truly residential-focused brand that brings our quality products directly to the consumer. Many of the new MaxLiteHome products also feature wifi connectivity and control, which meet the more sophisticated needs of today’s consumer. We look forward to driving our expansion in the residential marketplace and giving consumers an expanding selection of high-quality products as we move forward.”  

Consumers can monitor the energy usage of connected MaxLiteHome devices in real-time using Tuya, the accompanying mobile app. This feature helps users identify energy-hungry devices and adjust their usage patterns to save energy and reduce electricity bills. The MaxLiteHome product line is being introduced through a multi-channel effort with online and brick-and-mortar retailers.

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