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LightFair Announces 2022 Innovation Award Winners

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LFA 400x275LightFair’s independent panel of judges from the IES and IALD reviewed every submission to the annual Lighting Innovation Awards (LIA) before selecting a Category Winner for each of the 14 categories.

They also reviewed the 14 category winners in order to select the Most Innovative Product of the Year, the Technical Innovation Award, the Design Excellence Award, and a Judges’ Citation. Judging criteria included the product’s clarity of purpose, versatility, adaptability, sustainability, ease of use, design efficiency, and aspects that enhanced human well-being.

“Our 2022 LIA winners continue to pave the path for lighting innovation,” said Dan Darby, LightFair Show Director. “This year’s winners took innovation to the next level and created products that not only serve an important purpose in lighting but also demonstrate exceptional design capabilities and outside-of-the-box thinking.”




MIFOR 70 Lighting System by Klus

MIFOR is a system that allows unlimited design flexibility to create irregular lighting fixtures of almost any shape. The fixtures can take the form of circles or soft arcs transforming into the shape of a luminous line or plane. It also won the INDOOR DECORATIVE category.




LFA Technical Innovation Winner


TruBlu™ Bluetooth Mesh Fixture Controller with Long Range Antenna by McWong International

The TruBlu™ Bluetooth Mesh Fixture Controller With Long-Range Antenna offers flexible, yet powerful, networked lighting control outdoors.

It also won the CONTROL COMPONENTS & HARDWARE category.




LFA Design Excellence


Easy-Link by Edison Price Lighting

EasyLink is a modular linear lighting system with a quick connector for ease of installation in any configuration. The socket rotates from downlight to uplight or any angle in-between.

It also won the Commercial Indoor: Troffers, Suspended & Surface-Mounted category.




LFA Non Luminous 

NON-LUMINOUS (research, publications, lighting software & specialty hardware)

Labarazzi by Viso Systems Aps

The Labarazzi® TLA generator generates flickering light for test and demonstration. It offers 26 preset flicker signals and can navigate between the signals with indications of waveform, frequency, flicker percent, duty cycle, modulation depth, PstLM and SVM. Users can design customized flicker signals by choosing waveform (square, sawtooth, triangle, sine, and cosine) and add frequency, modulation depth and duty cycle, then watch the result with the built-in 3000K LED.




LFA Lamps

LAMPS (conventional, retrofit & replacement)

LED PAR56 High Intensity Ultra Narrow Beam by LED Smart

The LED PAR56 uses only 25 watts, producing over 340,000 cbcd, with ultra-narrow angle of 4 degrees. The various voltages can be used in all types of applications. The lamp is equipped with high-impact tempered glass and single piece aluminum body for the best heat dissipation and with built-in heat transfer, allowing for use for ice and snow melt. It is ideal as a transportation headlight, search light, mining light, and other applications.





OSLON Square Batwing by Ams OSRAM

From the OSLON Square family, the OSLON Square Batwing solves a problem encountered in greenhouses. Current LED fixtures using lambertian primary lens and a glass cover are at risk of creating hotspots of high concentrations of light directly underneath the fixture. The primary optics on the OSLON Square Batwing increase light uniformity, enabling design simplification, fixture count reducation and increased efficiency.





SmartSafe Emergency Back-up for Low Temps by Keystone Technologies

This constant wattage LED emergency back-up driver works in the coldest conditions. Its operating temperature range goes down to -20°C/-4°F, plus there’s a built-in heater. It drives LED loads at 12 watts (nominal) for a minimum of 90 minutes, has short circuit overload and open load protections, and its dual flex conduit fits into ½” knockouts.



LFA Dynamic Color



TruCirque by Pure Edge Lighting

The new patent-pending TruCirque gives designers a pristine circle of architectural illumination featuring an innovative way to light the space: RGB+TW (an RGB strip plus a tunable white strip) on one switch. The illuminated circle recesses for a clean look with no joist modification required and is field-cuttable. RGB+TW turns each space into a uniquely lit experience, adjusting the lighting with tunable white from 6500K to 2700K.LFA Recessed






The LittleOnes™ by USAI Lighting

The LittleOnes™ is a complete offering of fixtures — all with apertures of less than one inch, including fixed downlights, adjustable accents, and wall washers. It features a superior optical design with smooth distribution, excellent uniformity and glare control. The ceiling-to-floor wall wash is achieved through a patented 5-part optical system with adjustable + dimmable, square + round wall wash to spotlight areas of interest without scalloping shadows or backlight, plus the ability to illuminate large areas.


LFA Parking





SiteLine by Anp Lighting

SiteLine post-top luminaires are designed with a patent-pending clamping mechanism that allows multiple fixtures to be mounted at any height or point in a 360-degree radius on a single pole with no visible hardware. The two-size post top luminaires and large wall-mount are available with performance optics or low-glare, edge-lit comfort LED panels. The luminaires can seamlessly integrate occupancy and photo controls. Lumen packages on the post tops range from 4,500 to 20,000 lumens with Type II, III, IV, & V distributions in 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, and 4000K.



LFA Sports


Cuff Post Sconce by Wagner Architectural Systems

The Cuff Post Sconce is a small-scale, indirect, handrail fixture with both day and nighttime presence. The designs feature architecturally relevant, solid pipe segment profiles encircling the posts. The housings provide an aural wash on the posts and strafe highlights along the handrail.






LFA Industrial


Hybrid Architectural Cylindrical Downlight with Upper Air UVC by Pure Lighting

This product design combines the best of two lighting technologies: architectural suspended cylindrical downlighting with invisible UVC LED germicidal upper air treatments. The downlight was built specifically for aesthetic-forward spaces such as theaters, auditoriums, and atriums where light leakage, loud HVAC, or ugly blockish devices are not allowed. It is an American-made, specification-grade downlight with options for lumen output, beam angle, and color temperature with DMX and 0-10V dimming. It can be ordered in a White, Bronze, or Black finish and the replaceable upper-air UVC LED module ensures high treatment efficacy with improving technology.




LFA Track


Aileron Track by Hevi Lite

The Aileron Track is a multi-head fully adjustable pendant fixture, suitable for wet locations from commercial courtyards to residential patios. Each accent light fixture is integrated into a single-track power supply. Fixtures may be adjusted in any position, up above the track or below it. The track may be equipped with 2-6 fixture heads and each accent point is equipped with a high-output LED at 1,200 lumens in 2700K, 3000K, and 4000K plus optics are field-replaceable from spot to flood. The Aileron Track is California JA8 compatible for interior use as well.





LFA Control Technology


SmartLoop Screw-In Controller with  SmartPort Technology by Keystone Technologies

The SmartLoop Screw-in Controller, with integrated daylight and PIR motion sensor, simply screws into a high bay fixture with Keystone’s SmartPort technology. It commissions quickly, eliminating the need to climb on a scissor lift to set up, and adjusts with the touch of the SmartLoop smartphone app. It’s easy to set schedules and meet user needs and provides wireless lighting control in seconds.





LFA Judges Citation

JUDGES’ CITATION (special recognition at judges’ discretion)

CombiCable by Gripple

CombiCable is a combined power and suspension pendant system that eliminates the need for zip ties to secure aircraft cable to the power cord after installation. The innovative end-to-end system easily installs into a 7/8” knockout on the fixture and connects directly into a conduit box via the supplied crossbar and low-profile canopy. The mechanical support from the aircraft cable allows both hands to terminate the conductors, improving health and safety. CombiCable can be height-adjusted via the rip cord and is pre-assembled for ease and speed.



MEET THE JUDGES: Lane Swainston and Javid Butler of the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) plus Ellen Kuklinski and George Huang of the International Association of Lighting Designers (IES). The judges were moderated by Mark Roush of IES.


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