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Tridonic Unveils Building Asset360 for Emergency Lighting

Global lighting technology supplier Tridonic UK has developed a new market approach to meet several challenges often faced by asset, estate, and facility managers trying to manage emergency lighting.

With a clear objective to source a more proactive approach to lighting asset management, Tridonic’s innovative Building Asset360 provides the right balance between reactive and predictive maintenance to deliver ‘Intelligent Maintenance’ for its clients. Simplifying the complexities often associated with wireless emergency lighting, Building Asset360 optimizes the lighting investment and provides performance transparency throughout the product lifecycle.

Previously facilities, asset, and estate managers have been required to manually test emergency lighting each month. Now benefiting from the installation of Tridonic’s wireless emergency range, testing can be configured automatically, and test reports are then stored onto the cloud for sharing. These reports can be received in several ways: being stored in the building, sent by email, as a pdf or xml format onto the cloud, or by a BACnet interface straight into a BMS system. Tridonic’s wireless emergency range makes the process of testing emergency lighting far more efficient for all involved.

In addition, Building Asset360’s emergency black box data enables planned maintenance on the emergency lighting to be carried out before any testing takes place to ensure availability is maintained.

Within Tridonic’s Wireless Bluetooth lighting control solution there is additional data that can provide real interoperability with other systems, such as Building Management Systems. The lighting PIR sensors turn lights on when presence is detected and turn lights off when absence is detected; this data is also available via the open API. Subsequently, this presence/absence data can be used by the Building Management System to trigger HVAC operation for efficient energy control routines.

Alec Fielding, Regional Sales Manager of Tridonic UK explains, “During the Covid19 pandemic, end users, facilities, and asset managers were still required to visit empty buildings to keep the spaces open and functioning at a time when most of the population were asked to ‘stay at home.’ Highlighting the need for change, we spotted an opportunity…”

He continues, “In years gone by, lighting has been an operational service that exists independently of other systems. This often resulted in repeat site visits due to system failures and regulatory requirements associated with emergency light testing. Tridonic’s market approach Building Asset360 undoubtedly simplifies this process, showing that their wireless emergency range not only delivers outstanding luminance, but also provides data and additional benefits for the entire lifespan of lighting systems that are integrated in buildings where a wireless system has been established.”

Building Asset360 provides a simple, cost-effective retrofittable approach that is suitable for all types of buildings, ranging from hospitals and universities to retail and commercial properties.

Recognizing the wasted resource and several challenges associated with lighting asset management such as the lack of finance and the need to increase technology to reduce the manual intervention to run building assets, Tridonic Building Asset360’s wireless emergency solution allows users to have a greater control of their lighting network and tailor their control needs on a project by project basis.

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