DALS’ New COB Tape Kit

DALS New COB Tape Kit Thumbnail

June 28, 2021

This tape will not only emit a wonderful warm glow, but give you continuous, seamless light. You can cut it every 2 cm and re-attach with the supplied connectors. No more waste.


For indoor use only, this product is not meant for outdoor applications.

• 12V DC LED plug-in driver included (1m=12w / 3m=24w / 5m=48w)

• Excellent color rendering

• Seamless light emission (360 LEDs/meter)

• Warm white light output

• Superior LED performance and lifespan

• Over 50,000 hours of service life

• Can be cut at every cut mark (every 2cm)

• Maximum run length of 5m (196″) in a series

• Dimmable with DALS dimming power supply and most low-voltage electronic dimmers

• 3-year warranty

Go HERE for more information. 

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