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Shaping Ambiance with Turolight’s LED Regressed Gimbal Downlight

October 11, 2023

Regressed Gimbal Downlight

By Jayitha Vunnam, TuroLight Digital Marketing Specialist

In the realm of interior design, lighting stands as an art form, capable of sculpting the atmosphere of a space. This is where Turolight’s LED Regressed Gimbal Downlight (RGD-ECL) steps into the spotlight, offering a masterful blend of adaptability and performance that is nothing short of illuminating.

Empowering Brightness

The LED Regressed Gimbal Downlight offers users the option to handle light with precision, available in both 12W and 17W versions and delivering lumens ranging from 900 to a radiant 1,250. It allows for brilliance that can be applied to your desired canvas.

A Design that Stands Strong

In the world of lighting, endurance and efficiency are paramount. The RGD-ECL boasts a die-cast aluminum housing, an embodiment of thermal management excellence. Beyond durability, this feature extends the life of its LEDs. Its Type IC rating grants it the privilege of close contact with insulation, and the FT6 cable bolsters its fire resistance, adding layers of safety to its performance.

Precision in Illumination

The default 38-degree beam angle gives you controlled and focused lighting, ideal for accentuating specific elements within your space. Additionally, you can choose to include either 24-degree optics for a more focused light or 60-degree optics for a broader spread of light.

Seamless Integration

The RGD-ECL redefines simplicity with its recessed mounting and spring clamps, leaving you with a refined and streamlined installation.

Customizable Ambiance

With LED Regressed Gimbal Downlight’s color temperature, a defining factor in any space’s character, is at your command. The RGD-ECL offers a remarkable Color Rendering Index (CRI) of 90, ensuring that colors appear vivid, accurate, and true to life. With five Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) options, ranging from the inviting warmth of 2700K to the refreshing coolness of 5000K, the RGD-ECL allows you to set the mood you want.

Dimming at Your Fingertips

The RGD-ECL is compatible with TRIAC/ELV dimmer controls. This feature provides brightness adjustment, from a full 100% radiance down to a soothing 10%, offering the versatility needed for diverse tasks and atmospheres.

Turolight’s LED Regressed Gimbal Downlight is more than just a fixture; it offers remarkable adaptability and efficiency in the world of lighting.

Its sturdy build, customizable color settings, wattage selection, beam angle choice, and dimming features make it a valuable addition to both commercial and residential spaces. The Turolight RGD-ECL lets you create the ambiance you desire, ensuring your surroundings are always illuminated just the way you like.

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