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Water Street Tampa, Florida Illuminated with Smart Poles

September 7, 2023

Smart Poles to Illuminate Water Street Tampa, Florida
Dimonoff is set to deploy smart lighting poles in the urban development of Water Street Tampa.

This project, developed alongside our partner Lumca, a renowned manufacturer of cutting-edge lighting fixtures, will provide efficient lighting and leverage technology to optimize energy consumption.

Incorporating Dimonoff’s smart lighting solution advanced nodes and connectivity capabilities, the smart light poles can dynamically adjust brightness levels based on real-time conditions. This smart lighting management system ensures that the right amount of light is delivered precisely when and where it is needed, enhancing visibility for pedestrians and minimizing energy waste during low-traffic periods.

As a result, Water Street Tampa will experience substantial energy savings, contributing to its commitment to sustainability and environmental consciousness.

The Future of Well-being in Water Street Tampa

Embracing a vast expanse of 56 acres, Water Street Tampa has established an unrivalled benchmark for cutting-edge technological infrastructure throughout an entire neighbourhood. The remarkable achievements include seamless 100% wifi coverage across all buildings and public spaces, an array of intelligent light poles, wellness sensors, electric vehicle charging stations, a state-of-the-art district cooling complex, and more.

Advanced sensors meticulously monitor air quality, while streetlights are intelligently designed to support the natural circadian rhythm, enhancing the overall wellness experience. Moreover, the community offers complimentary fitness classes, further underscoring its commitment to promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Leading the Way in Future-Readiness: Water Street Tampa’s Smart Infrastructure  

Efficient Lighting and Optimal Energy Consumption

Dimonoff’s smart lighting solution is designed with scalability and interoperability in mind. The integration with Lumca’s fixtures in Water Street Tampa showcases the system’s ability to seamlessly connect with other smart city components, forming a robust infrastructure.

The data collected by the smart light poles can be integrated with other systems, such as traffic management or environmental monitoring, allowing city administrators to make informed decisions based on real-time insights. This level of integration paves the way for future smart city initiatives, ensuring Water Street Tampa remains at the forefront of urban development.

“We are thrilled to partner with Lumca in this ambitious project. Our smart lighting solution will play a pivotal role not only by providing efficient illumination but also by enhancing safety and optimizing energy consumption. This collaboration exemplifies our commitment to creating more sustainable cities and underscores the transformative power of innovative lighting solutions in shaping the urban landscape.”

Bernard Têtu,
Founding President, Dimonoff

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