TCP Anew Lamps Mimic Look of Incandescent Lighting with Superior Spectrum and Efficiency

Technical Consumer Products (TCP) has released a new lighting solution, the Anew Lamp, that redefines the classics to meet consumer demand for energy-efficient incandescent alternatives. 

Due to US Department of Energy regulations, most incandescent light bulbs cannot be sold beginning August 1, 2023 (www.energy.gov). The US Department of Energy requires lighting products to produce a minimum of 45 lumens per watt. General service incandescent lamps do not meet this standard and can no longer be sold in stores. The legislation also addresses the short 1,000-hour average lifespan and excessive heat produced by these lamps.

TCP’s Anew Lamp is an innovative lighting solution for many people who enjoy the soft, warm glow of an incandescent bulb but are looking for an alternative that meets government regulations. This product offers a superior light spectrum that mimics the look and feel of an incandescent light but surpasses its predecessor by using less energy to deliver the same light output and offering a long 10,000-hour life. 

The Anew Lamp minimizes the blue peak found in most LED sources and increases the red spectrum that brings back the warmth of incandescent lamps. By producing light that closely matches natural sunlight, this lighting solution can help reduce the headaches, eye strain, and fatigue some people experience with LED lighting. 

Anew Lamp also deliver:

  • Perfect, smooth dimming 
  • 2850 Kelvin color temperature
  • 98 CRI – higher than standard LED lamps
  • Significantly less heat production than incandescent

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