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LED Street Lights Converted to Cree Guideway™ Series Increase Energy Savings by 50%


Recently, the new Guideway Series Street Luminaire from Cree was part of a LED-to-LED conversion, replacing LED street lights that had been installed more than a decade ago. Why should LED-to-LED conversion be considered?

Like all light sources, LEDs lose light over time, just at a slower rate than their predecessors. Whether it’s a street, parking lot or garage, warehouse, hospital, or office space, all these lighting applications require some minimum level of illumination to effectively perform tasks in the space. As light is lost over time, at some point the illumination performance fails to meet the requirements within the space – compromising the ability to perform tasks and safety. When this occurs, LED-to-LED conversions should take place.

The good news for end users of these products is that the economics work in their favor. Cree Lighting’s offering has continued to advance and improve over the past 17 years. Today’s products are dramatically more energy efficient – and with significant increases in the cost of energy over the years, reliably put even more money into end users’ pockets, month-after-month. Early LED street lights converted to Guideway Series street lights deliver energy savings of more than 50%.

Beyond energy performance, advancement in optics is noteworthy – especially in the outdoor space, where reducing light pollution by keeping light on target while creating more visually comfortable environments has gained increased importance.

In addition, Cree Lighting’s latest optical advancement, NanoComfort® Technology, is a real game-changer here – delivering high efficacies (up to 168 LPW on Guideway), superior optical control and enhanced visual comfort. The last item of note – today’s luminaires cost much less than the products more than a decade ago, making such conversions viable.

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