Fifteenth Coastal Source Mobile Demo Van Will Soon Hit the Road

Fleet of Fully Configured and Branded Mobile Demo Vans Take Coastal Source Lighting and Audio Solutions to Prospective Customer Homes

As Coastal Source continues to celebrate its 15th anniversary year, it is only fitting that the company is now preparing its 15th Coastal Source Mobile Demo Van. Equipped with a full range of high-performance outdoor lighting and audio solutions that Defy the Elements™, the van will head to New England in July where it will provide on-site customer product demonstrations to help close sales — at the homes of prospective buyers.

“Coastal Source is 100% customer-focused,” explained Director of Sales Peter Sepesi, “and we understand that many of our customers don’t have the time to visit a showroom, so, we are bringing the showroom to their homes with our custom branded, fully configured demo vans that showcase the design and performance of our solutions in the outdoor environments where they will be enjoyed. The program has been a huge success, and we plan to grow the fleet over the next several years.”

According to Sepesi, the first Coastal Source Mobile Demo Van hit the road in 2018. With the new van, there is now a mix of 15 company, dealer, and sales rep-owned vans and trailers located in strategic markets around the country, including in the New York metro area, Florida, California, Texas, Colorado, the mid-Atlantic region, and soon.

New England. Each van is custom-fit to showcase the full range of Coastal Source lighting and audio solutions.

“We’re not the first company to take product demos on the road, but we are the first manufacturer to create a fleet of vehicles to demonstrate product on-site at prospective customer’s homes, and homeowners appreciate the service.”

Commenting on the effectiveness of the mobile vans, Michael Pawlowski, President of metro-New York area rep firm Atlantic Integrated noted that, “Thanks to our investment in the Coastal Source demo van, we’ve been able to elevate our customer experience to new levels. These mobile showcases allow us to bring our performance audio and lighting solutions directly to our clients, immersing them in the quality and innovation of our products. This results in wow-worthy demonstrations that not only impress but also solidify our relationships and close deals on the spot. Our demo van is an invaluable tool in our mission to deliver unparalleled outdoor audio and lighting solutions to the market.”

Echoing the same idea, Seth Kaplan, President of LK and Associates, said, “The Coastal Source van is no ordinary rep sample. This partnership between Coastal Source and their sales representatives has brought another level of support to the market. In our territory specifically, it has been a critical piece in supporting our dealer partners and helping them close jobs.”

To view an in-depth video on the Coastal Source Mobile Demo Van, click here

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