UL Expands Laboratory in Italy for EMC & Wireless Testing

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 September 16, 2021

USLT News UL Italian Facility 400x275A recently expanded UL facility will give southern European companies access to UL’s electromagnetic capacity (EMC) and wireless scientists, engineers, and technicians plus the latest test equipment in one location.

The enhanced EMC-Wireless laboratory opens in Carugate, Italy, in October and features an end-to-end service solution for EMC and wireless testing for a wide range of industries, including consumer electronics, information technology equipment, telecommunications, medical, industrial, lighting, and small and large appliances.

“We are thrilled to be a part of southern Europe’s innovation ecosystem,” said Morten Claudi Lassen, Regional Vice President for UL in Europe. “We apply science and objective authority to solve critical safety and security challenges for our customers by helping them develop and market connected products and innovations that are safer and more secure. The expanded facility equips us to better support customers in Europe and to fast-track their project fulfillment, ultimately allowing them to quickly grow and thrive.”

UL’s EMC-Wireless laboratory expansion allows for an increase in testing capabilities for wireless professional appliances, connected industrial devices as well as connected consumer medical and in vitro diagnostic devices. It will increase testing capacity and speed, thanks to multiple equipment and facility upgrades. The Italian facility will support southern European manufacturers with connected-product challenges by offering comprehensive and customizable solutions that simplify the testing and certification process with UL’s customizable test chambers and equipment. The expanded laboratory will enhance capacity and streamline processes to help expedite market access and quality. Including the addition, the Carugate laboratory will span a total of approximately 861,100 square feet, allowing UL to service a more diverse range of products.

“Our laboratory for testing lighting, appliances, HVAC and gas products, and equipment opened in Carugate in 2018 and has served as a hub for the European market,” said Francesco Marenoni, Sales Director for UL in Europe. “With the increased demand for EMC and wireless testing, we are responding to customer needs and expanding our existing campus in Carugate.”


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