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LEDucation 2023 Product Preview

The Designers Lighting Forum of New York (DLFNY) is ready to launch the 2023 edition of the LEDucation Trade Show and Conference on March 7-8 at the New York Hilton Midtown. Thousands of lighting professionals will be attending two days of networking, education, and discovering new opportunities, and viewing products.

More than 380 exhibitors will be showcasing their latest innovations in smaller, intimate creative spaces on two floors of the NY Hilton Midtown event space. The booth layouts allow for a more personal approach to relationship-building and have always proved to be a highly productive experience for exhibitors and attendees at past shows. A networking event in the Trianon Ballroom (3rd floor) will take place Tuesday night at 6:00pm and is open to all  LEDucation participants.

Since LEDucation falls on International Women’s Day (March 8), Women in Lighting Design (WILD) will be partnering with LEDucation to call attention to this important day. Attendees are asked to celebrate by donning pink attire and turning color-changing lights pink. The WILD table, across from registration, will offer a wearable token to those who wish to shine a light on discrimination and gender parity.

The 24th IESNYC Student Lighting Competition, presented by the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) New York City Section will be held at LEDucation on Tuesday, March 7, in Americas Hall 2 beginning at 4:30pm. More than 100 students from New York City schools will be displaying their creative lighting projects based on the theme “Circle of Light.” This theme challenges students to construct a 3D study, exploring how light plays a role in the cyclical nature of life. Lighting professionals and young people will network and enjoy refreshments while viewing the exhibition; the $9,000 in cash prizes will be awarded at 5:30. The Competition showcases both MFA students and undergraduates from diverse educational tracks. Please stop by to welcome them before the exhibit closes at 7:00 pm.

2023 LEDUCATION SHOW HOURS: Exhibit Halls Open to Public on Tues., March 7   10:00am – 6:00pm & Wed., March 8   9:00am – 3:00pm

LEDucation 2023 Conference Hours: Virtual Monday, March 6, 8:00am – 6:30pm; Tues., March 7, in-Person   9:00am –5:00pm; Wed., March 8  in-Person 9:00am – 2:30pm

For registration details, visit leducation.org/registration

Here are some of the companies that will be exhibiting:

AFX Booth #6034

The Edge pendant from AFX

The mono-point Edge pendant features integrated LED and a white acrylic diffuser. Suspended by a 9-ft. adjustable cord, it is available in two colors, two disk sizes, and a choice of three color temperatures (3000K, 4000K, and 5000K).  It delivers 2,525 lumens and has a five-year warranty.

To learn more about the Edge series, click here



BalancedCare by Axis Lighting has launched the Tranquility Series, which integrates a library of high-resolution proprietary photography and designer graphic patterns with BalancedCare sconces and Axis Lighting luminaires.

One of the many images offered by BalancedCare by Axis Lighting

Designers can choose graphics that adapt to 3D luminaires, are customizable, and can even elevate branding. A combination of inspiring images, textured graphics, and custom colors and finishes focus on patient relaxation, stress reduction, and opportunities for “positive distractions” — all scalable up to 20’ x 20’ designs without losing resolution integrity. 

“We are bringing the outdoors in and connecting patients with familiar elements to create a sense of calm while reducing patient stress,” commented Colette Fleming, BalancedCare Director/Healthcare. “The biophilic designs have a positive impact on a patient’s state of mind with customization that enables design freedom. The 165 proprietary images and graphics allow our customers to build unique, fully customizable environments.”

The Tranquility Series offers a variety of luminaire options, in-ceiling and wall-mount configurations, to support varying needs of any environment. Multiple options and configurations offer flexibility in design, aesthetic appeal, and a refreshing alternative to the norm. Graphics for most configurations are printed on the inside lens surface to protect it from cleaning solutions and scratches.

In addition to healthcare, the Tranquility Series is ideal for applications such as hospitality, retail, fitness, daycare, schools and universities — virtually anywhere that aesthetically pleasing, biologically enhancing environments are valued.

For more information about BalancedCare, click here



The Facets chandelier by Blackjack Lighting

Executed in optical acrylic, the Facets chandelier from Blackjack Lighting was designed as a new concept in “crystal chandeliers.” Facets uses integrated LED light sources to provide sparkle with its sharp angles and diamond-shaped diffuser rods. It is damp location-listed and has a hang straight swivel that attaches to the top of the stem. The driver is located in the canopy housing.

To learn more about the Facets chandelier, click here


BIOS Booth #1014

What if a building could energize or calm its occupants — just through lighting? How might that improve productivity at the office? Skyrocket reviews for a luxury resort? Raise real estate prices? Reduce agitation in a senior living facility? Increase engagement in the classroom? Or avoid accidents during the night shift? The benefits are innumerable, and it’s possible with BIOS’ energy-efficient BIOS SkyBlue™ circadian technology.

Bios emulates the make-up of nature’s light spectrum, resulting in lighting products that our bodies respond to. BIOS SkyBlue circadian LED lighting brings the benefits of blue skies inside. Newly discovered blue-sky receptors in our eyes drive improved daytime alertness, mood, brain function, and strengthens circadian rhythms leading to overall better health and well-being.

BIOS SkyBlue’s technology can reportedly pinpoint the peak sensitivity of this blue-sky receptor (490nm), providing the most benefit from an electric light source. At night, simply dim the lights to remove the SkyBlue wavelengths and convert the light from day mode to night mode.

To learn more about BIOS, click here



Part of the ARIO series from Verozza Lighting

The ARIO series of recessed mounted luminaires for offices, hospitals, and hotels, can be used in standard and high ceilings.

Multiple reflector finish options are available to match a wide range of architectural ceiling applications.

The flangeless ceiling installation results in a Minimalist, modern appearance. The fixture rotates up to 355° and tilts up to 30° and has UGR<19 rating for optimum glare control. Reflectors are offered in a Matte Silver, White, Black, or Gold finish; color temperature choices are 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, and 4000K.

To learn more about the ARIO series, click here


WAC LIGHTING  Booth #2501

Look closely to see the trimless Aether Atomic series by WAC

WAC Lighting’s Aether Atomic series of trimless LED recessed luminaires offers convenient serviceability and robust illumination (up to 1,000+ lumens) from a diminutive aperture for unobtrusive illumination for a quiet ceiling. 

Aether Atomic is engineered with shallow housing designs that fit tight plenum spaces. With small ½-inch and 1-inch apertures, WAC proprietary technology ensures that it is future-proofed with easily replaceable LED light engines without disturbing the ceiling.

The one-inch downlight offers low-glare, robust lumen output and three high-efficiency reflectors that are included and field-changeable. This style is offered in Black, Gold, Haze, and White finishes.

The ½-inch pinhole projects dramatic, lower-lumen illumination from a more discreet source while including two high-efficiency reflectors that are field-changeable. This model is available in Black or White.

Aether Atomic features die-cast aluminum construction with a universal housing profile for shallow plenums. The 11-watt fixtures  are available in four CCTs: 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, and 4000K. Operating on a 120-277 Volt Universal system, it dims smoothly from 100 to 1 percent with ELV, TRIAC (120V only), and 0-10V systems. It is IC-rated for remodeling and new construction projects.

To learn more about the Aether Atomic series, click here



A Platinum winner in the 2022 ADEX Awards for Design Excellence, the FreeForm T-Bar Ceiling system is made up of modular straight runs that allow specifiers to create geometric shapes along the ceiling. The 23-, 24-, and 48-inch channel lengths provide the ability to design with any FreeForm pattern that corresponds to the 2×2 or 2×4 Tbar drop ceiling grid — including the main T-Bar runner. Choose from two finishes and a Matte White Low Glare Lens or Deep Cell Reflector, plus multiple color temperatures.

Watch the promo video here


AXOLIGHT Booth #6107

The Poses series by Axolight

Axolight, a lighting design company based in Italy and in the U.S., will be presenting its new Poses series at LEDucation. Designed by the company’s creative team, Poses draws inspiration from the writings of Euclid, where he defines primitive geometric concepts like the point, the line, and the plane. Using linear bars, available in three lengths (18, 22 & 56 inches) fitted onto circular satellites, Poses can be arranged to create countless flat geometrical shapes (i.e. “poses”) on the ceiling, wall or suspended. The linear bars can also be rotated by 360° to direct the beam of light. Standard finishes of Desert White, Greige, Laguna Aqua, Earth Red, and Intense Black are available.

For more information on Axolight, click here



The Optique Pivotaire is a recessed mud-in linear lighting system that allows specifiers the flexibility to achieve any angle desired – horizontal, vertical, and any angle imaginable. With the ability to rotate 360 degrees, designers can integrate clean, modern lines of high-impact linear light from crossovers to intricate patterns.

The patented lens design provides even illumination across the entire surface from one edge to the other with no dark edges.

No need to worry about every bracket and screw with Optique Lighting, as they are included for the chosen configuration. The patented mounting system makes it easy to plan, order, and execute any project.

For more info on Pivotaire, click here


GM LIGHTING  Booth #101

Lamina RGBW 24VDC Configurable Laminated Sheet by GM Lighting

Lamina RGBW is a 24VDC flexible light sheet that can be cut in the field into geometric or irregular shapes, creating limitless illumination for signage, light panels, columns, retail display, backlighting and themed lighting applications. Lamina is connectible via integral push-in connectors. Installation is easy with no heat sink required.

The light sheet provides 3000K white light in 90+ CRI and is dimmable.  It comes in a new convenient size (12x12in = 1 Sq. Ft.) and is connectible via integral push-in connectors. Control options include LUXcontrol™ Wireless or RF Remote or DMX. 3M double-sided tape allows for secure mounting options.

For more information on Lamina, click here


Part of the FOCUS series by DCWéditions offered through Authentic Design Collection


Booth #820

This company, headed by industry veteran Blair Hutkin, U.S. will be showcasing the new products from Parisian lighting manufacturer DCWéditions. For example, the FOCUS series here, by Tokyo-based artist Yuji Okitsu, is comprised of luminous discs in PMMA (acrylic glass) that resemble soap bubbles.

For more about DCWéditions and other brands represented in North America by Authentic Design Collection, click here   


Part of the Architectural Lighting series offered by One A of Denmark and available through Lighting Group Network.

ONE A Booth #6014

The Danish design company ONE A innovates and produces architectural lighting and smart-technology products that are Minimalist in style and utilize materials such as aluminum, brass, bronze, wood, concrete, glass, alabaster and leather. All ONE A products are 100% Danish designed and assembled at the company’s headquarters in Denmark.  The company is one of the companies represented in North America by Lighting Group Network.

 To see more designs by One A, click here 

To see more brands distributed by Lighting Group Network, click here


Casambi’s new BU-ARP-LR controller

CASAMBI  Booth #2305

Unveiled at LEDucation 2023, CBU-ARP-LR is a Bluetooth-controlled, Casambi-enabled, one channel 0-10V controller with built-in 2.0 A relay and a motion sensor input. It is designed to control a single 0-10V LED driver, and if the LED driver cannot be turned completely off from the 0-10V control interface, CBU-ARP-LR has a built-in 2.0 A relay for cutting the power from the driver. It also has a 12-24 VDC input for a motion sensor (the sensor must be powered by an external power supply).

The 0-10V output can also be configured as a DALI interface, which allows for much richer feature set, such as controlling multi-channel LED driver (up to 5 channels) and reading diagnostic information from the driver. The CBU-ARP-LR can be controlled via the Casambi app (available for both iOS and Android). Different Casambi-enabled products can be used from a simple one luminaire direct control to a complete and full-featured light control system where up to 250 units form an automatic and intelligent mesh network.

To learn more details about CBU-ARP-LR, click here

For more information on Casambi, click here


LEVITON  Booth #2119

Leviton’s Smart Fixture Mount Sensors

New York-based Leviton unveiled an expansion of its integrated in-fixture control offering with Smart Fixture Mount Sensors (FMS) for high-bay applications during LEDucation. These in-fixture controls are engineered to install directly into high-bay and low-bay luminaires to provide an integrated occupancy sensing, dimming, daylight harvesting, and scheduling solution to meet the most stringent energy code requirements. 

“Smart Fixture Mount Sensors simplify lighting controls for high-bay, parking structure, and outdoor lighting applications, effectively reducing installation time and costs while meeting energy codes,” said Tom Leonard, VP/Controls. “For added convenience and flexibility, these in-fixture controls are fully configurable using the popular Smart Sensor app, which enables the sensors to be configured in real-time without climbing up and down ladders making it easier and faster to complete projects.”

The IP66-rated Smart Fixture Mount Sensors are available in two mounting options, internal and external or end-mount, and are designed for use with switching or 0-10V dimming drivers. Both internal and external mount options are available in 120-277VAC and universal 120-347VAC for single-pole applications and 208-480VAC for two-pole applications. 

The sensors use PIR detection and advanced optics to provide an exceptional field-of-view. All Smart Fixture Mount Sensors come with a low-mid bay lens for mounting heights 8-20 feet, mid-high bay lens for mounting heights 20-40 feet, and aisleway masks for both lenses. 

The Smart Fixture Mount Sensors feature multiple daylight modes as well as partial-OFF operation, ideal for installations in which energy code compliance is required. All configurations can be made through the Leviton Smart Sensor App including adjusting sensor sensitivity, timeouts, operating modes, daylighting modes, partial-ON, partial-OFF, scheduling (universal models only) as well as mesh grouping for occupancy, daylighting, and scheduling.

The Leviton line of integrated in-fixture controls includes high bay sensors, Smart Fixture Mount Sensors, Solo Sensors and Intellect™ Wireless. 

 For more information on the Smart Fixture Mount Sensors, click here

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