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B-K Lighting + TEKA Illumination® Introduces the Mini Yukon

B-K Lighting + TEKA Illumination® has released their Mini Yukon, a compact relative to their Yukon steplight. This new addition joins the continuously growing selection of pathway lighting for the company.

Equipped with an 8W output, the Mini Yukon offers up to 500 total delivered lumens. Through its integral driver and use of a 2-gang box, the installation process is streamlined significantly and delivers a clean install for nearly any surface including standard stud wall construction. The steplight also offers an alternative 7W Amber output, four CCT colors, 80 or 90 CRI, the option of ELV, INC or 0-10V dimming, and hundreds of standard, premium, or custom color options.

In addition to its compact size and efficient lighting capabilities, the Mini Yukon Steplight also features a faceplate with no visible hardware. This feature ensures that the lighting solution blends seamlessly with any design, be it residential or commercial.

“The Mini Yukon is an exciting release for us. Since releasing the original Yukon in 2020, it has proved instrumental in gathering valuable feedback from our sales representatives and the designers they serve,” said Chelsea Hernandez, Senior Product Designer for B-K Lighting + TEKA Illumination. While there was great enthusiasm for the product from customers, she mentions that the original Yukon’s depth precluded it from most residential applications. To address this, B-K developed the smaller version, which is the size of a standard 2-gang box, making it work for residential use and stud wall construction. Hernandez says there is still more room to grow and many new applications that can come from this new steplight. “We look forward to continuing to grow this product family with all of our customers’ needs in mind.”

Like all their fixtures, B-K Lighting + TEKA Illumination’s Mini Yukon is 100% made in the U.S.A. from sustainable processes. Its materials and components are sourced from local suppliers with nearly all the manufacturing handled within B-K’s facility in Madera, CA.

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