Barron Lighting Group Launches specialtyLED RFX-COB Series

close up image of Barron Lighting's specialtyLED RFX-COB product lit

Barron Lighting Group has unveiled the specialtyLED RFX-COB Series with an ultra-thin design and delivering even illumination.

The specialtyLED RFX-COB Series offers:

● Extremely Thin Design: Provides an even illumination across the entire strip with no visible LEDs

● High Flexibility: Perfect for small or restricted locations due to its low-profile design

● Complete Kit: Each kit contains three splice connectors, three strip to power connectors, and three flex corner connectors for easy installation

In addition to the RFX-COB Series, Barron Lighting Group has introduced its new specialtyLED LCH Series Linear Mounting Channels designed to complement the RFX-COB Series, making installation simple and versatile. The LCH Series is available in surface, recessed, corner, and suspended configurations and can be customized to desired lengths.

“We are thrilled to introduce the specialtyLED RFX-COB Series to the market,” said Pam Dunphy, SLP Product Manager. “Our commitment to providing innovative and high-quality lighting solutions continues with this launch. The RFX-COB’s flexibility and superior illumination make it an excellent choice for a variety of applications.”

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