Revo Lighting Expands Sales Network

New commercial luminaire brand Revo Lighting,  launched by California-based Espen Technology, has formed strategic alliances with numerous top-tier sales representatives. This rapidly growing sales network has solidified REVO Lighting’s position as a commercial luminaire brand and has also filled Revo’s sales pipeline with inquiries, quotes, sample requests, and initial orders.

 “The market has embraced our vision for luminaire excellence, recognizing the unique blend of innovation, price competitiveness, and top quality that sets REVO Lighting apart,” states Flemming Jensen, SVP/Sales & Marketing. “Revo is rapidly building a network where sales reps, distributors, contractors, and other customers grow with us, because we offer more than just lighting solutions.”

REVO Lighting’s top-tier sales representatives include:

· Southern California Illumination (SCI)

· L&D Sales

· Shaffer & Nelson, Inc

· Meglio and Associates, Midwest

· Electrical Solutions & Design

· Wizard Lighting

· Reflex, New England

· Diversified Lighting

· AX7

· Vertical Lighting

Cutting-edge LED products further underscores REVO Lighting’s commitment to exceeding industry expectations. Revo Lighting invites sales reps and distributors to join its journey of growth, innovation, and quality. View Revo Lighting’s product offering here

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