NAILD Launches Foundation to Reduce Light Pollution

The National Association of Innovative Lighting Distributors (NAILD) has just launched The Lighting and Darkness Foundation, which addresses the harm caused by light pollution.

Led by NAILD’s board, this new 501(c)(3) organization takes a bold stance against the destruction of the nighttime environment, emphasizing that light pollution is a form of pollution with tangible consequences for all living beings.

Focusing on practical solutions, the Foundation aims to develop a comprehensive industry framework for light pollution abatement. A key component of this initiative involves the creation of educational programs designed to certify frontline industry practitioners. These comprehensive certificate courses will include modules that underscore the importance of Darkness Restoration and offer practical guidance on best practices for addressing light pollution. To further amplify the message, the Restoring Darkness Podcast (formerly Starving for Darkness), will be revamped and enhanced into an online video show which will be streamed every other week spreading awareness among environmental advocates, politicians, policy makers, the lighting industry and the wider public. Additionally, the Foundation is committed to funding and launching academic research projects aimed at investigating the impact of outdoor electric light at night on both human health and the environment. Finally, the Foundation understands the challenges faced by advocates dealing with lighting ordinances and will assist them with guidance, expertise, and legal support.

“Preserving the night and restoring darkness through outdoor lighting is an inherent moral responsibility for our industry,” stated Jeff Nefouse, President of the Lighting and Darkness Foundation. “But it is crucial that we expedite the creation of effective educational programs for frontline lighting practitioners. Only through comprehensive education can we initiate meaningful action in the field,” he added.

The Foundation is actively seeking collaborations with esteemed experts in the realms of conservation, public policy, and medical research, recognizing the importance of multidisciplinary approaches in tackling light pollution. In parallel, negotiations are underway with corporate philanthropic partners to amplify the impact of our initiatives. Furthermore, the Foundation is preparing to launch public donation opportunities, inviting individuals and organizations to contribute to the shared mission of combating light pollution and preserving the beauty of the night.

Devin Wall, a dedicated board member, emphasized the Foundation’s unwavering commitment to raising awareness about Darkness Restoration and Night Preservation. “Creating widespread awareness is our topmost priority,” he affirmed. “We urge all stakeholders in the lighting industry to wholeheartedly embrace this movement and join us in advocating for solutions to combat light pollution.” By working together, the Foundation hopes to drive impactful change and restore the beauty of the nighttime environment for generations to come.

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