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DLC Announces FOCUS ON ENERGY®as Host Sponsor of the 2024 Controls Summit

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Networked Lighting Controls (NLC) have struggled as a whole to gain wider acceptance and achieve deeper market penetration, which is a particularly vexing issue considering research shows NLCs can increase energy savings of commercial lighting projects by an average 49 percent beyond the LED savings alone. Research has shown there is even greater potential energy savings when NLCs are paired with HVAC systems.

Doing something about this conundrum is the DesignLights Consortium (DLC), which is holding the DLC Controls Summit in Milwaukee in October with FOCUS ON ENERGY® – Wisconsin’s statewide energy-efficiency and renewable resources program – as the host sponsor.

The DLC Controls Summit encourages professionals who design, promote, install, and incentivize NLCs to collaborate on ways to get NLCs into more commercial buildings of all types and sizes. Attendees will also have educational and networking opportunities. See the full meeting agenda here.

“The DLC is proud to have FOCUS ON ENERGY among our energy-efficiency program members since 2011, and excited to announce that they’ll serve as host sponsor for our 2024 Controls Summit,” said DLC Executive Director & CEO Tina Halfpenny. “We look forward to collaborating with FOCUS ON ENERGY and other members and stakeholders as we share ideas for unlocking the potential of networked lighting controls to save energy, reduce carbon, and enable a suite of smart building functions.”

Aligned with the theme “Integration for the Future,” this year’s summit will provide opportunities for utility executives, energy-efficiency specialists, lighting controls manufacturers and installers, decarbonization advocates, and other industry stakeholders to discuss the latest trends in networked lighting controls (NLC) and collaborate on ways to eliminate barriers to wider market adoption.

“We are excited to be the host sponsor of the DesignLights Consortium Summit. We look forward to collaborating with industry leaders, sharing insights, and advancing energy-efficient lighting solutions,” added FOCUS ON ENERGY Managing Director Lisa Stefanik. “Wisconsin is a shining example of what is possible when implementing lighting changes in business.”

The Summit will take place from Tuesday, October 15, through Wednesday, October 16, at The Westin Hotel in Milwaukee. Register and make hotel reservations now. An Early Bird rate is available through September 15. (Please note that, since space is limited, registration is restricted to no more than two attendees per company or organization. Please contact info@designlights.org to request additional registrations.)

 Those encouraged to attend the Summit, include: DLC member efficiency programs; utility energy-efficiency program staff and efficiency program implementers; lighting controls manufacturers and representatives; lighting controls installers and other trade allies; and decarbonization advocates.

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