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Omron Renames Its Electrical & Mechanical Components Business

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Omron 400x275April 6, 2022

OMRON Corp. has changed the name of its electronic and mechanical components business from the Electronic & Mechanical Components Business Company to the Device & Module Solutions Company as of April 1.

With the intention of achieving its long-term vision SF2030, OMRON’s electronic components business will work to create social value that contributes to the spread of alternative energy solutions and high-speed communication.

Since the founding of OMRON in 1933, the Electronic & Mechanical Components Business has provided products such as relays, switches, connectors, and sensors globally. In the previous medium-term management plan, “VG2.0 (2017-2020),” OMRON worked on structural reforms and quality enhancement to build the foundation for a self-sustaining growth engine.

In SF2030, based on the growth engine built in VG2.0, OMRON plans to transform its business into one that creates the functions needed to solve social issues such as achieving carbon neutrality and realizing a digital society through devices, modules, and solutions — all part of the reason that OMRON decided to change the name of business company. In the first stage of the medium-term management plan, it will focus on creating devices that support the electrification and higher frequency of products. Furthermore, it will evolve its ability to create new value by promoting green business through environmentally friendly manufacturing and product offerings, and by accelerating the speed of its digital solution proposals.

According to Shizuto Yukumoto, Managing Executive Officer and Company President of Device & Module Solutions Company, “Social issues that need to be solved such as global warming, aging society, and social inequality are becoming more complex. Electronic components, which are key devices essential for a carbon-neutral and digital society, are playing an even greater role. We will transform our business into a business that provides optimal solutions by shaping the functions necessary to create social value with the technology we have cultivated so far, thereby working with our customers to solve social issues.”

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