Dialight Offers 7-Year Warranty for Certified Installers

Farmingdale, N.J.-based Dialight, a leader in hazardous and industrial LED lighting innovation, has launched an unprecedented seven-year warranty for Obstruction Lighting Solutions. Dialight’s Aviation Obstruction Lighting Systems, installed by Certified Installation companies, includes an additional two years of full-system warranty on top of the standard five-year warranty. Installers who participate in the Certified Installation Program (CIP) will be recognized as experts who uphold the highest levels of installation quality.

In order to qualify for this program, installers must be members of the National Association of Tower Erectors (NATE). Once approved to participate in the free program, Dialight will come to the installer to conduct training and issue a certificate that is valid for two years. The goal is for tower owners to demand the longer warranty for their lighting systems, which will increase business opportunities for CIP installation companies.

“We are excited to introduce our Certified Installation Program,” said David Wise, Dialight’s VP/Obstruction Lighting. “Quality has always been at the core of our product design, and we’re pleased to include like-minded installers with added incentives to safeguard customers’ investment over the long-term. We are proud to offer this program at no cost to our customers because we believe installers who prioritize quality should not have to pay extra to do the right thing.”

LumenServe, which was one of the first organizations to participate in Dialight’s CIP program, stated, “Dialight continues to be the leader in product quality, and they are backing this quality up with an industry-leading seven-year equipment warranty on their product. When coupled with LumenServe’s all-inclusive Assurance Warranty Service, our customers never have to worry about their tower lighting ever again.” says Bear Poth, CEO.

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