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Now Is the Best Time to Retrofit Schools With Better Lighting

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May 3, 2022

With summer right around the corner, school enhancements become a high priority — and one of the most important is lighting. Research shows artificial lighting can have a negative impact on those in schools compared to natural lighting. Not only does natural light in the classroom boost the morale of teachers and students, but proper lighting can also have numerous positive impacts on productivity. It may also create a more effective learning environment leading to improved test scores, enhanced learning, and increased student productivity overall. Lighting upgrades drastically cut energy and maintenance costs, saving money in the long run. In fact, a lighting upgrade can reduce a facility’s energy use by up to 50 percent. And since lighting is the largest single use of electricity in commercial buildings, saving energy on lighting is crucial.



1: Classroom

Proper lighting includes offering the flexibility to accommodate the various activities that take place within the classroom. Based on the lighting in the space, retrofitting with LED T8s can reduce energy consumption by up to 35 percent. In addition, having the option to select the color temperature based on the needs of the space greatly impacts the flexibility and cost of the project. Halco’s Linear T8 Type A (Ballast Compatible), Linear T8 Type B (Ballast Bypass), and Linear T8 Hybrid Type A/B (Ballast Compatible and Bypass) are good options, as well as LED volumetric panels designed to replace existing troffers and surface mounts in T-bar grid ceilings.

2: Gymnasium

When it comes to the gym, the right lighting can aid in player performance and enhance the action of the game as well as the viewing experience for fans. The requirements include minimal glare to deter distractions which will, in turn, increase the athletes’ performance. Furthermore, using energy-efficient lighting will reduce maintenance and operation costs.

Halco’s HoverBay Round Highbay provides quality light that is energy-efficient and durable — which is an important factor as the fixtures will undergo significant wear and tear. Since the gym is only used during certain time periods – depending on class schedules or a game – the highbay is paired with Halco’s DC occupancy sensor to detect motion within the space and only turn lights on when needed. Rounding out the space is Halco’s Evade Exit Series family, which provides an exit lighting solution for hallway, stairwell, and other Life Safety applications. The low-profile design makes the fixtures ideal for mounting on walls or ceilings to indicate the path of egress for a minimum of 90 minutes after a power loss.

3: Outdoor

The first key component for exterior school lighting is to provide a sense of safety and security, followed by reduced maintenance costs. LED lighting provides a long service life (typically rated for 50,000 hours or more), which saves on lamp replacements every few years. Halco’s SekTor Area Light can achieve energy savings of up to 70 percent by focusing on minimizing glare and reducing backlight.

Every luminaire comes with an easy access control port that readily accepts a quick-connect DC motion sensor. The sensor is easy to install in the field and provides motion and daylight sensing, allowing for additional energy savings. Halco’s ProLED Select Wallpack Series delivers great value with the innovative option to select both wattage and color temperature. These fixtures are perfect for walkways, back entrances, and building perimeters, where bright light is meant to operate for long periods of time.

With the rising cost of most everything these days – especially energy – schools are looking for options that reduce operational costs, improve student performance, and create a better performing environment. Specifying LED lighting upgrades and retrofits in schools will provide better and safer lighting performance, increased energy efficiency, and a longer operating life.

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