Transform Outdoor Spaces with Colorscaping System                                  

May 2, 2024

On the cutting edge of landscape lighting technology, WAC will introduce the groundbreaking Colorscaping smart landscape lighting and control system during HD EXPO 2024. This innovative, patent-pending line of exterior LED luminaires is designed and engineered to illuminate landscapes with tunable white light and an unlimited color palette.

Colorscaping will transform your everyday world into an outdoor wonderland of illumination. Imagine being able to artistically tweak the colors within your landscape lighting, much like a professional photographer uses filters to evoke emotion. This game-changing technology allows you to enhance the natural changes in foliage, control full-color gamut LED arrays to modify the intensity of certain wavelengths within the white light and create a personalized, dynamic illuminating experience.

Outdoor lighting set at the correct color temperature can convert a nice property into a gorgeous landscape that impresses guests and wows neighbors. Using state-of-the-art RGBWW technology, Colorscaping will make your landscape pop with pure white light ranging from warm 2700K to cool 6500 Kelvin. For outdoor entertaining and nighttime activities, warm illumination delivers an inviting vibe and relaxing atmosphere for a quiet evening in an outdoor kitchen, mimics the comforting glow of a campfire, and brings out the beauty of the stonework and masonry. For safety, security, and a stunning look, cooler white light highlights architectural details and increases visibility in your outdoor space.

When you’re the artist, you can paint with light- creating the right mix of warm and cool illumination around the property to generate maximum impact and bring out the natural beauty and hues of trees and shrubbery. Tune the white light to make evergreen trees “greener,” Japanese maples “redder,” and white houses “whiter.” Warm lighting will make a brick home or wooden structure more inviting.

Using tunable white Colorscaping fixtures, create drama with various light layering and other techniques. Position luminaires in tall trees to develop a beautiful moonlighting effect on the ground and watch shadows change with the wind. Focus on architectural elements, sculptures, or fountains with strategically placed fixtures to create silhouette designs. Place luminaires at ground level to evoke the vibrant colors in the flower garden or illuminate climbing vines on an arbor or gazebo.

Elevate your landscape with superlative tunable white and vivid, full-color spectrum technologies. Colorscaping creates endless possibilities for an awe-inspiring outdoor space.

New and existing landscape fixtures are installed quickly using the innovative Smart Transformer Control Panel, which connects fixtures directly for immediate testing while cycling through preset tunable white and primary colors at various intensity levels. Offered with 150-watt and 300-watt capacities, the smart transformer enables robust wiring, a shielded ethernet cable, and a surge protector against power surges and voltage spikes. The transformer eliminates any confusion in the field with a unique Discovery process— identifying each Colorscaping fixture and location so the luminaires can be added, changed, or paired with the appropriate transformer— with the push of a button. Integration with many major control platforms is an alternative to app-based control. 

Colorscaping allows you to customize your lighting to suit every mood and special occasion, whether you create a holiday scene or display your favorite team colors in lights. Select custom colors for entertainment and special events or color-tune white light to complement your garden and architecture with a discriminating aesthetic. With a dimming range from 100% down to one percent, clients can create the perfect ambiance and the ultimate sensory experience.

Colorscaping integrates a full selection of WAC Landscape Lighting fixtures, including adjustable accent, wall wash, path lights, hardscape, and tape lights, with existing landscape lighting fixtures.

Seamless control of Colorscaping fixtures is at your fingertips with the user-friendly MyWAC App using smartphones, tablets, and smart home devices like Google Home and Amazon Alexa. You can individually address and operate each Colorscaping luminaire independently or as a part of a group or your favorite lighting scene. Presets are included, allowing you to change your lighting scheme. Colorscaping fixtures can be assigned to various schedules for every day of the year based on daylight savings, dates, times, or dynamic patterns like sunrise and sunset. You can set the color, intensity, and behavior of individual fixtures or groups of lights to suit different moods, events, or preferences from anywhere in the world!

The WAC WallStation, an interior control interface installed on a wall or fixed surface, can also control the system. The WallStation features four pre-configured scene buttons, a dedicated on/off button, and dimming capability, and is fully customizable via the MyWAC App. Program each of the four scenes within the app, then use the wired Wall Station to control them via the local Wi-Fi network.

DMX Control can integrate Colorscaping with popular control systems via the ABiCUS gateway. Using the DMX512-A protocol, individual channels control a specific lighting fixture parameter, such as changing color and color temperature, intensity, on/off, and dimming functions. Higher-level integrations and new functions will be available as these systems evolve through future over-the-air updates.

The MyWAC App also controls other award-winning solutions from WAC, including WAC-STRUT architectural modular lighting, power and control system, InvisiLED RGBWW Tape, and Pixels RGBWW Configurable LED Light Sheets.


For more information, visit Colorscaping by WAC on the website.

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