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WaveLinx LITE Switchpack from Cooper Lighting

November 21, 2023

The WaveLinx LITE Switchpack is a lighting control device designed to control (on/off/dim) commercial and industrial lights as well as receptacles.

The Switchpack consists of a 120-347VAC 20A relay and a continuous 0-10V dimming control. The product integrates into the LITE system by forming a mesh networking while communicating with other LITE devices using Bluetooth protocol.

Ideal Spaces

  • Office
  • Classroom
  • Parking Garage
  • Industrial Warehouse


  • 20A rated relay
  • 0-10v dimming control
  • Plenum-rated design with easy junction box mounting
  • Universal voltage input (120, 277 and 347 VAC)
  • Suitable for plug load control

More information available here

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