Kenall’s Helos™ Parking Structure Light Weighs Just 7lbs

Kenall Lighting‘s Helos™ parking luminaire series is designed to make lighting, and its installation into parking structures, easier. This new edge-lit design features a flat illuminance plane that provides superior, glare-free lighting performance, regardless of mounting type.

At just 7 pounds, Helos weighs less than half of its closest competitor, making it economical to ship and easier to install. Despite its lighter construction, it is still loaded with the features specifiers expect from a high-efficacy, durable fixture, including an IP65 rating (IP66 optional), occupancy sensing, daylight harvesting, multiple optical distributions, 3G vibration compliance, and Kenall’s exclusive Peace of Mind Guarantee® (direct surface mount only).

Helos can go straight from box to ceiling: Kenall’s new, wireless, zonal TekLink TL200 controls require no commissioning and eliminate the hazardous “cascade effect” of luminaires that are individually controlled. System adjustments can be managed easily via an intuitive mobile app. And each installation has its own unique security key to prevent accidental interference or intentional tampering.

“Kenall specializes in glare-free, efficient parking structure lighting and provides an unbeatable Peace of Mind Guarantee. Now we are bringing something completely new to the table – a fixture so light that installation can be done by an individual, rather than a crew. With demand for labor and shipping expenses at an all-time-high, these are benefits we believe everyone will appreciate,” said Bill Blackley, Senior Director of Marketing for Kenall.

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