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LMPG Inc. Introduces Fluxwerx Illumination to the European Market

April 23, 2024

Fluxwerx now available in Europe
The Award-Winning Lighting Manufacturer Is Now Available in the UK, Scandinavia, France, and Italy

LMPG Inc., formerly known as Lumenpulse Group, a global leader in the specification-grade lighting industry, announced the launch of its brand Fluxwerx Illumination in Europe. Established in 2011 in British Columbia, Canada, Fluxwerx is a lighting manufacturer offering a unique approach to interior architectural solutions by pushing the boundaries of industrial design, optical engineering, and LED technology.

2024 marks a strategic milestone for Fluxwerx as it enters its first international expansion phase, simultaneously unveiling its offerings in key European markets, including the United Kingdom, Scandinavia, France, and Italy. Leveraging the robust sales network of its sister brand, Lumenpulse, Fluxwerx’s introduction has been meticulously orchestrated in collaboration with local partners in each territory, ensuring that its features and benefits resonate strongly with European lighting professionals.

“It’s an incredibly exciting year for Fluxwerx and LMPG. We have worked hand-in-hand to bring this renowned brand to Europe, and it answers exactly what the lighting professionals are looking for a perfect balance of aesthetics, innovation, comfort, and optical quality. Paired with a strong approach to wellbeing, the forward-thinking solutions of Fluxwerx are unmatched in the global industry,”

François-Xavier Souvay,
Founder, President, and CEO of LMPG Inc.

The operational synergies bolster Fluxwerx’s natural progression into European territories fostered within LMPG Inc., setting the stage for a successful launch and swift adoption within the lighting community. Looking ahead, Fluxwerx will progressively expand across EMEA and APAC regions in the coming years.

“The past years have shown an increasing demand from overseas, and Fluxwerx has felt a special connection to lighting professionals in Europe—perhaps because our products adhere to international design principles and have consistently earned accolades such as the Red Dot Awards from design juries worldwide. We’re very optimistic and strongly believe that the introduction of Fluxwerx in Europe will be highly successful,” said Reuben Bartlett, President of Fluxwerx Illumination. “We look forward to collaborating with our incredibly passionate and knowledgeable European partners to meet the distinct needs of projects in the communities they serve.”

Reuben Bartlett,
President of Fluxwerx Illumination

Boasting an impressive track record of 48 product awards, Fluxwerx solutions propose a range of applications with a strong human-centric approach centred on the user’s quality of experience and comfort.

Addressing institutional, commercial, corporate, office, and education environments, Fluxwerx is highly favoured by lighting designers, architects, interior designers, and electrical engineers and will be a welcome addition to the European market. 

To learn more about Fluxwerx, visit: www.fluxwerx.com

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