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DALI Alliance Database Exceeds 5,000 Products

The product database on the DALI Alliance website now contains more than 5,000 products from DALI Alliance members around the globe.

The product database provides a public listing of all products that have successfully completed the DALI-2 certification program (including all D4i certified products), as well as all DALI version-1 registered products.

Products that are not listed in the database are not certified, and therefore are not entitled to use the DALI trademarks.

DALI-2 certification is only available to DALI Alliance members. The database contains products from more than 230 brands.

Breakdown by product type

In a snapshot view, taken recently, the database contained a total of 5,036 products. Of these, there were 3,433 DALI-2 certified devices, and this number increases every day.

The balance of 1,603 devices were DALI version-1 control gear. Registration of DALI version-1 devices is now closed, but when available it was only open to control gear, meaning that there are no DALI version-1 sensors or application controllers.

Among the 3,433 DALI-2 products were 2,794 DALI-2 control gear (which are mostly LED drivers), as well as 378 DALI-2 application controllers and 299 DALI-2 input devices.

Among the DALI-2 control gear were 265 devices that enable color control through the implementation of Part 209 (also known as DT8, or device type 8).

Also, there were 813 self-contained emergency control gear implementing Part 202 (also known as DT1). These include both DALI-2 and DALI version-1 control gear.

D4i certification is part of the DALI-2 certification program, and D4i devices implement a specific set of features. Parts 207 and 250-253 are mandatory for D4i control gear. There were 334 D4i LED drivers in the total of 2,794 DALI-2 control gear.

All DALI-2 devices can implement different combinations of features. The filters in the database allow users to select products with the required feature set. The new “advanced search” option also allows filters that remove products with certain features from the search results.

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