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Changes at LEDvance

To reflect the major developments at LEDVANCE over the seven years since its founding, the company has unveiled comprehensive brand repositioning, including a new tagline – “Power Through Light” – that puts LEDVANCE’s three key stakeholders at the forefront: customers, the planet, and employees.

LEDVANCE was spun-off from OSRAM in 2016 with a portfolio of luminaires. Today, with award-winning innovations like BIOLUX Human Centric Lighting as well as an expanded range of intelligent lighting solutions, the company has broadened its scope, adding more focus on sustainable products and growing its solutions portfolio by expanding into the renewable energy industry.  

For customers, LEDVANCE’s lighting systems and intelligent energy solutions allow for improved working and living environments as well as real energy savings. For a greener planet, LEDVANCE commits to reducing CO2 emissions and waste through sustainable products, solutions, and processes. And for its employees, LEDVANCE empowers them to harness the power of light to contribute to a better quality of life on a greener planet.

The new brand positioning is driven by Vivian Lee-Lauss, the newly appointed Head of Global Brand Management, whose global perspective and extensive cross-industry experience bring a fresh vision to the corporate brand. With her leadership style based on empowerment, transparency, and breaking down barriers, she will play a crucial role in nurturing growth and a sustainable future at LEDVANCE.

“My goal is to bring a fresh vision to our brand strategy to drive impactful change in the lighting and renewable energy industry,” Lee-Lauss stated. “Our new strategy and positioning have been in the works for months, and I’m so excited to finally see it come to life. It’s a massive evolution of our brand, and I’m confident that it will set us up for success with the big ventures that we have coming up at LEDVANCE.”

In addition, LEDvance held a ribbon-cutting on August 16 for its new headquarters in Westfield, Massachusetts. Previously the company’s headquarters was located in Wilmington, Mass., although it maintained a training facility in Westfield. Now the building will house both purposes – headquarters and training facility – at 18725 N Union St. in Westfield.


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