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Ten New Fixture Families from Kichler Lighting Offer Whimsical and Airy Design Elements


Kichler Lighting infuses its newest decorative collections with a touch of whimsy and a focus on airy elements. Inspired by nature’s organic beauty, this launch brings a breath of fresh air to the home, blending the most-loved modern and traditional styles, through versatile finishes, glass and metal combinations.

“Beauty meets flexibility with our new families, offering a little something for everyone,” says Kichler’s Creative Director Greg Martin. “We wanted to create playful sophistication with features like convertible chandeliers. Most importantly, we didn’t want to lose sight of the ability to personalize and set the perfect mood in any room. I think we achieved that goal.”

Kichler Lighting’s latest line of fixtures includes 10 new families, available in an array of finishes and combinations to perfectly complement unique style preferences.

There’s something about the curvature of a calla lily that speaks to grace and unity. Designed in 90-degree angles, the Alvaro collection mirrors this blooming beauty, seamlessly flowing outward and upward as one unified piece. Alvaro is available in Black, Champagne Bronze and Polished Nickel finishes.

The Eisley collection was inspired by the trend of contained forms, where one shape is nested within another. This collection is constructed without glass, giving the illusion that the fixture is floating, turning any space into a stunning illumination. Eisley comes in Champagne Bronze and Black, or Polished Nickel and Black combinations.

Inspired by the classic and timeless ring chandelier, the Carrick collection is gentle in nature. It appears light as air, with its subtle bobeche detailing and delicate intricacy. It’s spectacular visually without overwhelming a space, making it the perfect addition to expansive interiors. Carrick is available in Black, Champagne Bronze and Polished Nickel finishes.

Cheers to the Etcher collection, reminiscent of a champagne bucket design with its tapered silhouette, riveted accents, and smooth exterior. A true classic, Etcher comes in four finish combinations, giving you the flexibility to mix and match with a variety of styles and decor. Finish options include Black, Champagne Bronze, White and Classic Pewter.

The Malene collection is inspired by the graceful movement of rippling water—gentle, flowing and captivating. These characteristics come to life in its soft, sweeping arms and elegant, stacked details. This collection also offers the option of two different candle sleeves, white for a traditional look or the primary finish for a modern look. Both can be paired with Black, Champagne Bronze and Polished Nickel finishes.

Sophisticated yet whimsical, the Silvarious collection was designed to be talked about. Gathered at the center, its arms branch out with glass globes that are available in clear or crackled glass. For a nostalgic, playful look, the Silvarious collection makes any room shine. The family is available in Black, Champagne Bronze and Polished Nickel finishes.

The Sycara collection is inspired by the rare atmospheric phenomenon of light pillars, where ice crystals in the sky collect and refract natural light, appearing as light beams in the air. With a subtle edgy sensibility, this collection features a clean, architectural body and an integrated LED light source that shines through its faceted crystals – delivering visual interest, no matter the time of day. Sycara comes in Black, Champagne Bronze and Polished Nickel finishes.

Inspired by classic picture lights found in historical libraries and reading parlors, the Carston collection is designed to draw the eye’s attention in. Refined and timeless, Carston offers craftsmanship and thumbscrew functionality to achieve the perfect lighting. Carston is available in Black, Champagne Bronze and Polished Nickel finishes.

Featuring soft curves and stacking details, the Madden collection unites soft modern with a touch of updated traditional. This family can easily mingle with a variety of styles, décor and other existing fixtures. Madden comes in Black, Chrome, Champagne Bronze and Brushed Nickel finishes.

Inspired by organic growth formations, Livadia perfectly balances the controlled and uncontrolled. This eye-catching collection spirals like the organic patterns on a conch shell as its graceful arms sweep upward to reveal its candlesticks. Its subtle asymmetric design dynamically changes as you move throughout the room. Livadia is available in Black, Champagne Bronze and Polished Nickel finishes.

Champagne Bronze is a trademark of Delta Faucet.

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