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Signify Debuts Ledalite Bloombox Indoor LED Luminaire that Supports Circularity

Signify continues to make strides in commercial indoor lighting with the introduction of the Ledalite BloomBox. The company has applied transformative concepts from its U.S. Department of Energy L-Prize-winning LED luminaire prototype to develop this best-in-class recessed LED lighting solution.

A 2’x2’ troffer with a small, housing-agnostic lighting module, the Ledalite BloomBox offers unmatched performance, with high efficacy (170 lumens per watt) and excellent color quality (Color Rendering Index >93). The solution’s optics deliver uniform light distribution with low glare (Unified Glare Rating <19), supporting building occupants’ visual comfort. It also allows for greater spacing between luminaires (up to 14 feet), helping to reduce the total number of luminaires and light power needed in a space. This also contributes to a quiet ceiling design, a lower initial investment for building owners and an easy, fast installation and module replacement experience for electrical contractors.

The Ledalite BloomBox seamlessly integrates with Signify’s Interact connected lighting software and sensor technology, supporting energy optimization with automatic light responses according to occupancy detection and daylight variation. The luminaire can further aid occupant comfort with tunable light scenes and help satisfy several features under the WELL v2 Building Standard, such as L04 on glare management.

Signify designed the Ledalite BloomBox to preserve value and limit waste. With an estimated 20-year lifetime, it makes efficient use of materials with fewer luminaires required to illuminate a space. Additionally, its replaceable lighting module and click-and-clamp assembly allows for easy repair and reuse of the solution, supporting circular economy principles.


  • Efficacy: up to 170 lm/W
  • Glare: UGR < 19
  • Spacing: up to 14’x14′ OC
  • CRI: AccuRender CRI 90+ standard
  • Low-profile 2.18″ depth
  • Field-replaceable LED boards

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